Sunday, February 28, 2010

When it's hard to say NO

Today we went to Babyland in SS2 to buy a potty for Naufal to start potty training.. Like every other time that we went before, Naufal would point at everything from clothing to books to toys in hope that we would agree to buy him something. This time he was screaming for a bike, but for the numbers that is shown on the price tag, I felt that we could get him something of a better quality if we added just a few extra pretty penny and bought it from a bike shop. So we coaxed him by promising that we would go to the bike store next.
Moments later we arrived at SS3 and entered a bike store (situated just outside taman bahagia LRT station).. Naufal was so excited and couldn't stop smiling

At first Naufal grabbed the closest bike to him. It happened to be a pink bike..

He decided to try a green one next..

Time to examine the cartoon characters and the squeaky bee honker..

I just can't decide which color I like best!

The White one looks cool too..

Ok you can have the bike.. Could you possibly smile any wider Naufal?

Let's try the red one first before we make the final decision.

Honestly I like the White one best!! Ok, let's do an inspection to see if it needs a service before we take it home.

The mechanic added more air to the tyres and tighten the bolts..

Naufal excitedly watch as the final touches on his bike..

Test drive.. Hehe

Naufal's next birthday present, bought 6 months in advanced will be stored at granny's place until it is time to bring it home.. I have a feeling that mummy will be buying more presents within these next 2 quarters leading to Naufal's 3rd birthday!!

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  1. hurm.. memang seronok bila tgk naufal senyum tak sudah2... manis macam ibunya.. huhu :) tp yg paling gembira bila naufal pandai buat keputusan sendiri utk memilih warna basikalnya.. bagus anak ayah hehe

  2. dah pandai shopping. pun follow ibunya ke? :)

  3. Hehe... memang dah inherit skill shopping nampaknya. Lagi bahaya kalau bawak pergi ToysRUs.. hehe