Monday, February 22, 2010

Naufal, cepat pakai kasut!!

It is undeniably true, kids are creative creatures...

We were at my parents' house last weekend and Naufal was happily playing with his toys. He was pretending that the alphabet blocks are birthday candles. He stacked them up as high as he could and then he would sing "Happy Birthday" (arguably one of his favourite songs right now), and he would blow the blocks. Hoping that his blowing is strong enough to blow it all down. When he felt that he has blown long enough (but the blocks wouldn't bulge), he would push the blocks and clap cheerfully as if it was his powerful blowing which had crumbled the structure. He would repeat this a couple of times until he sees another toy, and his imagination starts playing again...

So when we told him to quickly put on his shoes so that we could go out to dinner, he grabbed the closes toy next to him and pretended that it was his shoes... hehe.. 5 steps later, the whole thing crumbled, and he ran screaming outside to get his real shoes..

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  1. ahahahahh .. Klakar lah si Naufal ni ... comey je pakai toy blocks tu like they're his shoe ... eheheheh ... ikut perangai saper la ni eyh ? :P
    kiss kiss Naufal ~

  2. Shahida,
    There are so many moments that I really have to stop myself from laughing. He does so many funny things now and again..
    ust wait til you have kids of your own, they're so much fun at this age!!