Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicken Pox - Day 6

Alhamdullilah.. When Naufal woke up this morning, he is looking so much more relaxed. As the day goes on, he shows signs that he is definitely back to his old self again. The temperature is gone and he is no longer itching. However, it is still only the 6th day. Hence, there's no way he is ready to mingle just yet. So that also means that mummy is stuck indoor for another day. Infact, I think the whole weekend!!

So how are we keeping ourselves occupied? Again, the coloring books and endless Thomas the tank engine DVDs..
Naufal is really enjoying drawing and coloring. I'm quite impressed that he can color within the lines, will have to buy more coloring books soon. He seems quite content with his drawing pad and some felt tip pens..
Though I really have to keep an eye on him for fear that he would start drawing on our cream-colored leather couch!!
Will need to start applying Vitamin E gel/creams to his skin so that he doesn't have any scars from this chicken pox.

Friday, November 12, 2010

No Pain No Gain..

I just ran 5.4km and burned 141 calories in 20 minutes... and man, am I exhausted!!! Oh I am so not ready for a marathon..
Every Tuesday and Thursdays I make it a plan to join the aerobic classes that are being organized in our office gym. It used to be sponsored by the company which came out from the "Healthy Lifestyle" budget. But since the new organization was created, there were not budget to cover this activity any longer, hence a bunch of the regulars decided to chip in to pay for it ourselves. The instructor also helped by lowering his rates, so we continued to exercise twice a week... and it was paying off. Alot of people noticed the slimmer me, and I am so happy that I could fit into my old clothes again.

Then came ramadhan and the muslims stopped going, my absence continued through the whole of Syawal and even the month after that... My old eating habits are starting to appear and I fear that soon I will loose this waist-line.. I'll go again next week, I promise (that is, if I don't have to go to site)..

Before when Norman worked nearby, we would go jogging at the KLCC park after work. That was so much fun.. but now that he moved to another office, I couldn't find another consistent running partner, so I just quit..

Last month, I had an idea to buy my husband a birthday present... one that I hope I will also benefit from as much as he does.. so I bought him a Reebok Crosstrainer.

I guess we all have our excuses for the lack of exercise. Long working hours, lots of travelling, too busy with dealing with family, can't resist good food etc... I hope that having a machine at home will help us get a little exercise on a regular basis. Even if it means a 15 minit workout, it does make a difference.. The guy who sold it to me reminded me before we left the store that the important thing is not just to own a machine, but to make sure it is used. Need to be consistent and motivated.. I hope my husband and I will continue to motivate each other to use this machine. No pain no gain!! Hopefully we could start the day with some exercise before getting ready for work.. a little effort, goes a long way :)

Even little Naufal is getting excited.. he thinks it's a toy!! I have to make sure he won't get hurt.. So both Norman and I have a target.. hopefully the transformation will be obvious, insyaAllah..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

MEGAMIND.. and a boy's beautiful mind...

It has been afew months since we last went to the movies, so last weekend (before the whole chicken pox series bagan), we decided to go out to the movies. It was the long weekend and my sister came home from Kerteh, and for once our whole family is around. Megamind is playing at the Cathay Cineplex at the Curve, for once we wanted to see the 3D version.

I must say even the adults were excited.. We had no idea what the movie is about but it was the only cartoon playing..
Here's Naufal and his aunts after the movie!!

I must say, watching in 3D is so much fun.. The movie? well it was great!!! Highly recommended, even Naufal liked it. He was laughing all the time, even when no body else was laughing he was laughing out loud, which subsequently made us laugh at him..

I think he got giddy from all the sugar on the popcorn.. in the last 30 minits he started taking his 3D glasses off, and playing about with it. Overall, I think he behaved well.. he's really enjoying these rare treats to the movies. This is his second one after Toy Story 3, I was reluctant to take him before that for fear that he would be restless in the theatre and start bawling his eyes out and stuff.. infact, to be honest Norman and I have not been to the movies much since he was born..

Afterwards we strolled along the street market that connects the Cineplex with The Curve. Once inside we stopped by a couple of stores, then we stopped by at Borders.Naufal loves books, be it coloring books, story books, activity books, you name it...

And his favourites are surely the books about his favourite characters.. Lightning McQueen (Cars), Thomas and His Friends and anything to do with either trains and cars...
Look at him concentrating on the pictures.. He can recognize letters and its phonics already, both in Roman alphabet and arabic letters. It's really remarkable how fast he learns, he's only just 3 years and 3 months. I think I only started recognizing the alphabet after 5 years old.. maybe I'm slow.

We bought two books for him.. that night he wouldn't stop making us read it to him repeatedly until he falls asleep...

Get well soon Naufal..

Woke up this morning and immediately checked on Naufal.. Alhamdullilah, his rashes have gone down.. I hope this means that he is gradually getting better.. Last night his Aunty Fatin came for a visit, today his grandma and Aunty Nora is coming over to cheer him up.. they've both had chicken pox so I hope they are immune to the bug..

The redness have toned down, and he seems less itchy.

His face doesn't look so bad.. I just have to make sure that he doesn't start scratching. Good thing his nails are still short.
I noticed that the red spots also appears on his lips and inside his mouth like an ulcer. Fortunately he's not complaining of the pain, and I keep on lathering on the lotion from the clinic to stop him from feeling the itch.
It must be the chicken pox season, even people from different districts are getting it too. The doctor told us that sometimes even people who have had it could still catch the virus again if their immune system is not strong.. Chicken pox could last as long as two weeks in some cases.
We were adviced to get the anti-viral vaccination, the clinic we went didn't have any stock of the vaccine. I thought of going to the peaditrician but I didn't want to expose other kids to the virus.. so I haven't taken Naufal to get it.
When did you have your chicken pox?
My husband haven't had it yet.. which is why he is being extra careful. He's sleeping in a separate bedroom from me and Naufal for the time being. I don't want him to take the risk. Adult chicken pox could be quite bad..
I had my chicken pox when I was 8.. It was quite memorable cause my brother and younger sister also had it simultaneously, while our parents were both out in their pilgrimage!! So say it was "demam rindu".. maybe it is true, we have never been segregated for so long before that..
But it wasn't just that for me.. while my parents were away, my grandma and my dad's relatives came over to take care of us.. and instead of taking us to the clinic they gave us traditional medicine.. one of the cures for itchiness was to put mashed up leaves which was made into a paste with mixtures of some cold powder (bedak sejuk)... Unfortunately, I must've scratched one of the red spots, and it was bleeding. Somehow, it got infected and turned bigger and bigger..
It was so painful as it turned into a painful wound.. It was on my knee and it was so bad that I couldn't walk. My uncle took me to the clinic and the doctor cleaned my wounds.. soon I was ok.. or so we thought...
Weeks later my parents returned, and I guess I felt alright. But not long later, my parents realised that something was not right. I'm not exactly sure what it was, as I didn't realise that anything was or felt wrong. One day, after my father returned from the mosque he brought along one of his friends.. who happens to be our neighbour, and a doctor. He examined me there in the living room... and told dad to bring me to the clinic for a check-up..
The doctor referred me to the hospital, I remember thinking I was going to die.. I'm not sure if I was in pain, but I was just so scared. My urine is as black as coffee, it's contaminated with blood. My kidneys are not functioning, it is infected...
When we arrived in the hospital the next day, there were so many needles stuck in my arms. They took so many blood samples. During lunch my mum told me to eat green vegetables, and other things that could generate blood. I never liked greenies, but I remember eating them that day. So much as if my life depended on it.. Nonetheless, it was not enough.. At the end of the day I was still admitted.
I stayed in the children's ward for almost a month, a bed by the window overlooking the city. It was so strange, I felt so lonely... especially at night. My siblings were not allowed to visit me and I missed them terribly.

Even when I was discharged, I had to bring back my urine sample. We had frequent visits to the hospital to follow-up on my recovery. My veins on my arms and back hand looked like a drug addicts'.. there were marks from the needles where the nurses took my blood samples, not to mention the bruises.
Thankfully, it's all history now. It's over 20 years ago, I'm fortunate that my kidneys have recovered. I'm grateful for modern medicine, grateful for my parents' love and care. Alhamdullilah.. I'm grateful for every day that I am still alive.. Allah is all mighty..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life is full of surprises…

Naufal is sleeping on the living room carpet and Grey's Anatomy is playing on the TV. It's the episode where Meredith dies, reruns from the season before the one where Lizzie had cancer, and Danny is already dead. Funny thing about TV series is the main character's is never really dead. The show is, after all, about Grey's anatomy.. So if Meredith Grey is dead then that would mean the rest of the show is out the window.. So despite what we would think the ending is, the show pulls a "one-eighty" and Meredith lives another day. And that's what keeps us glued to the screens, these unlikely twists of the plot.. but how are we suppose to know, when things suddenly turns to it's lows, that life (as we know it) would always turn out alright at the end?

The answer is you don't. Nobody gets to read the plots and scripts of their lives before they start the act. You only get to know about it after it is done, after a chapter is lived…

And before that, all we have is hope.. the wishes and prayers. All we can do is plan.

Like how every weekend I plan to fix the curtain that is 3" too long. It is sitting on the red love-seat on the upstairs living room for the past month.. Every weekend I am always too occupied with other plans that I never really got to it. Never would I have imagined that today, on a week day, would I actually finish the sewing that I started a while ago.

There were so many things planned this week.. all the documents to review, the pre-production meeting, the site visits and the pre-commissioning audits.. and I am the lead for this package, my next big "baby" and I have made so many plans of things to do for this week. The site team is being created, CV's flying about, people to interview, and the offshore crew from the last campaign is gearing up to start on this onshore fabrication scope..

On the other hand, Naufal's first sports day will be this Sunday. We just received his sport's day outfit on Monday. Yellow always looks good on him…

Monday was also his last day in school, atleast for this week..

When I got home on Monday night, Naufal was already at my mum's place. His body was warm as he greeted me. As if he is starting to get down with a fever.. he was already coughing that morning, but that's normal when he wakes up. His throat is always a little dried. He had his dinner earlier than us, mum always feeds him while she waits for the rest of us to return from work. This is cause he is always so hungry after playschool, despite the 4 o'clock tea time snacks that the teachers gave him.. Nora was complaining about how he has so many mosquito bites on his arms, and I looked while Naufal starts scratching away. Again, I start talking about how we should put insect repellent in his school bag to give a hint to the teachers that there's mosquitos in the bungalow. It is worrying, especially at this time of the year when it rains in the evenings… but it hasn't been raining in Kelana Jaya, right?

So I had dinner with the others, Naufal was occupied with his toys and the Thomas cartoons that's being played on the TV. It seems just like any other night, until I took him in the bedroom to change his nappy. I wanted to change him into his pajamas, and so I took his shirt off and there it was.. his whole body is filled with spots, the same mosquito-like bites that were on his arms.. then I searched his body for more, his back, his face, his neck, and his upper legs… it's not rashes, it's CHICKEN POX!!

I just can't believe it, just last week our department's secretary's daughter had chicken pox, our prime minister just had chicken pox and now my son has chicken pox!!! I'm positive that the three of them have not been in close contact in the last 7 days, so how…??? I rushed him to our regular clinic to see the GP.. he took one look and confirmed my suspicions.. As I drove home, I realize… I'm gonna have to be home for the next couple of days. Naufal was already scratching in the car, I had to apply chamomile lotion at once.

He just couldn't stop scratching... even his palm was itchy, so we put a plaster on it to stop him from scratching it.

We called his school the next day, and indeed there was another child who just had chicken pox the week earlier. I'm guessing this kid is not completely done with the virus when he/she returned back to the playschool and now my son is the next victim. Honestly, some parents are so inconsiderate!!

So as it turns out, we will be missing out some of the events that are planned this week. It just shows, we can only plan and pray and hope for the best. But life has its own plot in store. Secret twists that we couldn't have predicted. Just have to adjust and move on..

I hope Naufal will get back to his old self again soon. InsyaAllah no complications... Amin.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Riang Ria Berhari Raya..

First and foremost I want to wish all the muslims in this whole world Eid Mubarak!! Ramadan has surely breezed in a thousand blessings, and has left us with a month of celebration in Syawal :) and what a great month it has started out to be!
I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am over here.. to me this year, Syawal has brought the family closer to each other. We have just returned from a long, and I would also like to add last minute planned, trip "balik kampung", starting from Subang to Kelana Jaya (my parents' place) to Batu Pahat (my hubby's mother's hometown) to Mersing (my dad's hometown) to Kuala Terengganu (my hubby's father's hometown)... all in all we have travelled 1400++km... We travelled both day and night, until I lost track of what day it is!! But it was worth it, getting to see the family again.

For me this is the 4th raya that I am spending with hubby. The first time we celebrated Eid together was right after confinement, and we took our little bundle of joy for the first time back to KT after spending a few hours with my parents on the morning of the first day of Syawal. Back then, I was so anxious of how I would be accepted in the family. It was the first time I would be sleeping over at his granny's, and there was so many people I still need to know. There's so many things that was running in my mind, will they like me? what if I say something wrong? .. and so for most of our time there, my dear husband was always by my side, or atleast in the same room as me. The only time I would let him leave me (and little baby) alone is if I was already asleep. Back then, Naufal was very dependent on me too, and that made me feel like I need my hubby's assistance even more...

The 2nd Eid we celebrated, I was still wary of my actions. I'm still in doubt whether I'm part of the crowd yet, and at times I am not sure whether everyone I met remembers who I am... But it was fun getting to meet not only his side of the family but also his friends too. At this time one of his friends whom I met earlier in Dublin, on my visit from the States, was getting engaged.

The 3rd Eid was much more relaxed, I am much more comfortable with people and Naufal is starting to mingle with the other kids.

This time around, as you can imagine, I am more of myself. Naufal is no longer interested with hanging around with me cause he has other kids to play with. I don't mind Norman leaving me with others anymore. I'm open for discussions and talks, I can say NO if I feel like it, and I really feel like a member of the clan :) Finally, we're on the same wavelength, hooray!!

To all my friends out there, SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN

Friday, August 13, 2010


Other than the start of Ramadhan, the Malaysian Independence month (yes, the flags have already been hung at home, probably the first house in the neighbourhood who has the flags up), there is another memorable celebration for us in the upstream EP (exploration and production) business in the red-yellow pecten oil & gas company. For us lot in KL, the celebration is not as grand as in Miri, where the history all began..

I myself started my career in this business in Miri before transferring to KL to venture in the high profile deepwater project, which is the first for Malaysia for this company. So I understand the truth when people say that “in Miri, almost everyone living there is either working for Shell or related to someone working in Shell”.. Some of my friends from Miri are 3rd generation Shell staff whereby their parents and their grandparents used to work for this company. This is not a norm anywhere else in the country, so it is quite unique. Coincidentally even in my immediate family we have 3 members working for this multinational company, there’s colleagues who joke that perhaps one day my son will also be working for this business.

If anyone out there is wondering how Malaysia started to venture into oil and gas, well here’s a little history (that I have extracted from the PC Sign-On screen…)
It was exactly a century ago, on August 10, 1910, that a group of curious local inhabitants of Miri in Sarawak gathered on top of the hill overlooking the small fishing village. Back then, Miri consisted of 20 scattered houses and a few shops.

The villagers were watching a small party of Shell employees and thirty local labourers undertake the slow and laborious task of drilling by the old cable tool method, first used in AD 421 by the Chinese to extract salt. While the occasion was cause for great interest, none of the onlookers could have realised what tremendous consequences the event would have for Sarawak.

Four months later oil was struck at a depth of 136 metres and brought into production. The wooden derrick, erected at 79m above sea level, began to produce an initial 83 barrels a day. The well was Miri Well No. 1 – which came to be called the “Grand Old Lady” - on top of Canada Hill. The company was the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company, forerunner of Sarawak Shell Berhad and part of the Shell Group of Companies formed in 1907.

As the birthplace of the nation’s petroleum industry, Miri would be transformed by the landmark event into one of Sarawak’s most developed towns post-independence. In the course of the last 100 years of upstream business, Shell has recorded remarkable achievements in the development of oil and gas resources in Malaysia. Contributing capital, advanced technology and skilled human resource to the country, these achievements are milestones that the company continues to be proud of today.

Today, Shell operates as upstream contractors to Petronas after the national oil company was established to look after the nation's hydrocarbon resources in 1974. Since the signing of the first production sharing contracts in 1976, Shell has continued to achieve firsts in Sarawak, among them the development of E11, the country’s first gas field in 1982. The company also started Shell MDS, the world’s first commercial gas-to-liquids plant of its kind in Bintulu in 1993.

The 100-year journey would not have been possible without the support of the community it operates in. In giving back to society, Shell has implemented a diverse range of events, projects and programmes - commencing with the construction of the Miri-Lutong road and the Miri hospital in the early part of the 20th century - which evolved into today’s corporate social responsibility initiatives in human capital development, educational excellence, sustainable development and road safety awareness. Flagship programmes include the Shell Scholarship Awards, Project Link (a coded welder training programme), the Shell Traffic Games, Nature Education Camps and the Shell Kenyalang Press Awards. Through its signature “We Care We Share” programme, the company funds staff volunteerism for community projects in areas of large operations such as Miri and Bintulu.

As Shell celebrates the centenary of the “Grand Old Lady” and its first hundred years of upstream operations in Malaysia, it looks forward to the next 100 years of powering progress together with its partners and the community, confident that its second century will be just as memorable, exciting and successful.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting into the spirit of things

Look at this cheeky little face.. can’t decide whether I want to cut his hair or leave it long and curly…

naufal's toys are always scattered all over the house, in the car and also at his grannies'.. when I was looking in my handbag today I found his Thomas train in there too. So I put it on my desk, and even my boss was interested with the toy. I guess boys will always be boys!!

Anyway, as of hearing the announcement on TV yesterday, it is official that today we will begin the fasting month. Time has changed many things, and now Naufal is big enough to play by himself. So Norman and I decided to pray solat sunat Tarawih together at home. Last year my sisters would look after him if I go to the mosque to pray but now that we are living in different house we need to manage the changes.

When it comes to food, I have to prepare the cooking myself again. So I cooked a little bit more for dinner last night and when it is time for sahur I just heated up what was earlier prepared. Tonight I am planning to make bubur kacang hijau for dessert, but I still can’t decide what will be the main dish.. will have to look at recipes online to see what is interesting.

Was planning to get to work earlier so that I can get a full 8 hours and still leave early, but I still ended up leaving the doors at 7am. Have to try getting ready faster tomorrow and beat that traffic. Another change that I plan to make is to wear baju kurung everyday throughout this month… haha.. the pants and slacks will get a rest in the wardrobe for a while. I still remember when the world cup started and me and Norman both went to work wearing our football jerseys, then when we arrive at work we realised that we were the only ones in each of our offices who was wearing a jersey. Talk about getting into the spirit of things.. good thing it was casual Friday..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Beribadat di bulan Ramadhan

“Barangsiapa Yang Berpuasa Ramadhan Kerana Keimanan Dan Mengarapkan Rahmat Allah, Maka Diampunkan Dosa-dosanya Yang Terdahulu” – Hadith Riwayat Bukhari

Rasulullah SAW bersabda bermaksud:
"Sesungguhnya di dalam Syurga terdapat satu pintu yang dinamakan pintu 'al-Rayyan' yang hanya dimasuki oleh orang-orang yang berpuasa. Ditanyakan (oleh pintu tersebut): 'Di manakah orang-orang yang berpuasa?' Maka mereka pun masuk dari pintu tersebut. Setelah semua orang yang berpuasa memasukinya, pintu itu pun ditutup dan tak akan ada lagi yang masuk melaluinya." (HR. Muslim, dari Sahl Ibn Sa'd).

Antara persiapan yang perlu dilakukan menjelang Ramadan ialah :

1. Bertaubat dengan taubat yang bersungguh-sungguh.

2. Berazam meninggalkan segala maksiat.

3. Sentiasa berdoa “Allahumma Ballighna Ramadhan”.

4. Perbanyakkan puasa di bulan Syaaban.

5. Membaca Al-Qur’an (meletakkan matlamat satu juz sehari misalnya).

6. Mujahadah untuk bangun malam (beberapa kali seminggu).

7. Berzikir setiap masa.

8. Membaca Al-Ma’thurat pagi dan petang.

1. Mempelajari hukum-hukum dan perkara-perkara yang bersangkutan dengan ibadah puasa, agar ibadah puasa itu dapat dijalankan dengan betul dan diterima oleh Allah SWT.

2. Membaca buku-buku penyucian jiwa.

3. Mendengar ceramah-ceramah tentang Ramadhan.

4. Mengulangkaji surah-surah yang telah dihafal, sebagai persediaan solat samada sebagai imam atau makmum di bulan Ramadhan.

1. Bersedia untuk memberi tazkirah/ ceramah tentang kelebihan bulan Ramadhan.

2. Meluangkan masa menghadiri majlis ilmu di masjid-masjid samada sebagai penceramah atau pendengar.

3. Mengingatkan orang lain tentang kepentingan membuat persediaan untuk Ramadhan.

4. Menyediakan risalah/ majalah kecil untuk orang ramai tentang persediaan menyambut Ramadhan.

1. Membuka amalan baru yang jauh lebih baik.

2. Menjadikan hari-hari dalam bulan ini, lebih baik dari hari-hari biasa.

3. Sentiasa memakmurkan rumah Allah, pada setiap solat fardhu dan iktikaf.

4. Membersihkan puasa dari perkara yang merosakkannya.

5. Sentiasa berlapang dada.

6. Menghadirkan niat untuk amal soleh di bulan puasa.

1. Merealisasikan matlamat “bersungguh-sungguh melawan nafsu”.

2. Menahan diri dari berlebihan dalam perkara harus (pakaian, tidur).

3. Menjaga lidah dari berkata keji, mengumpat, dan mencaci.

4. Menahan syahwat dari perkara yang haram.

5. Membuat semakan amalan di bulan Ramadhan tentang segala yang dibincangkan di atas.

“Allahumma Ballighna Ramadhan” merupakan doa dan harapan, menunjukkan betapa hamba-hamba yang soleh mengidam dan tamakkan limpahan Allah (Rahmat, Keampunan, Pelepasan dari Neraka) dalam bulan ini. Para ulamak dan solihin terdahulu bersiap menunggu kedatangan Ramadhan bagi tujuan mengharapkan keampunan Allah pada sepanjang Ramadhan. Oleh itu, kita hendaklah menghargai bulan Ramadhan yang bakal tiba beberapa hari lagi ini dan tidak mensia-siakannya dengan membiarkannya berlalu tanpa dimanfaatkan. Semoga Ramadhan tahun ini lebih bermakna dari Ramadhan yang sebelumnya...

Oleh itu, dengan persediaan ini kita sematkan azam masing-masing untuk mencantikkan dan sempurnakan amalan fardu yang wajib dan membanyakkan amalan sunat pada Ramadan. Ramadhan Mubarak!

Monday, August 9, 2010

For the love of it…

Through my recent chats on FB and tea breaks with my buddies, a lot of people have been asking when will I update my blog… there is so many things roaming in my mind but just haven’t had the time to actually put it down on paper.. This is just a warm up entry..

In particular I want to write about my preparations for this Ramadhan (the first one for me and Norman in our own house, before I have been pampered by my mother’s cookings but this one will be slightly different), our recent holidays (both are early birthday celebrations for Naufal’s 3rd birthday to Universal Studio Singapore, and my dad’s big 60th in Kuantan, in lieu of the fasting month), my virtual encounter with a delusional housewife (you won’t believe this one when you read it).

Work itself has been rather busy, there are many packages that I am dealing with that will be starting production/fabrication soon, and we are also busy loading out pipes and components from one yard into another. Being focal point for interfaces between different parties, it takes a lot of my attention to coordinate things. But in the grand scheme of things, these are the things that I do enjoy about my work. It is having to deal with different types of people and giving technical input in order to make sure that compliance to standards and safety regulations are always adhered to.. Other than that we are also reviewing and approving a lot of documents for start of production of some of the components. With all that, I have managed to excuse myself from going on another offshore trip.. hehe.. Naufal will be happy.

Family-wise, everything is very much normal.. I can’t believe the speed of Naufal’s developments, he learns so fast… and soon he will be turning 3!! I am beginning to understand what people say about “troublesome three”.. he always wants things done his way, he want to eat only his favourite food, he wants to wear only his favourite shirts and shorts, he wants to watch only his shows.. he also seems to be taking over mine and his aunt’s iPhone, playing games and looking at Thomas videos on youtube.. haha.. the funny thing is that he always asks to go to GIANT because he thinks that we can buy Thomas toys in the supermarket (he probably thinks that giant is ToysRUs)… Naufal is constantly asking for a sibling, Norman and I are again excited at the thought.. we’ve started talking about baby names again.. hehe.. wish us luck :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love, Life and the World Cup....

OMG!!! I can't believe that it has been so long since I blog. It's kinda weird because at the back of my mind I draft what I plan to blog, but with all the things that has been happening the last few weeks, I just didn't get a chance to actually jot it all down on this blog.

Not wanting to summarize all the exciting moments of my recent life, I'm just gonna talk about what comes to mind naturally at this time.

Well, right now I am actually staying up to watch the World Cup!! It's Uruguay vs. Germany and it is the half time break with the score being 1-1... Oh what a nail-biting game. It's early Sunday morning and I still have the whole day to rest and relax before the finals tomorrow (I'm not sure how I'm gonna survive 8+ hours of work on Monday!!).. Part of the reason that prevents me from blogging this last month is the World Cup itself.. I would be at my mum's for dinner and we would stay there until the game is over. By midnight we would start heading home to rest for the night, and obviously there's nothing else you would want to do as you arrive home other than sleep.. hehe.. My neighbours, who we met at a gathering one of the weekends, actually asked us if we are still living in this house, cause they don't see us at all. The porch lights are only on after midnight, and by morning they have left before we are out of the house.

This is definitely the song of the moment.

Naufal is having fun too. He loves singing the chorus of this Wakka Wakka song :) Not only that, whenever he sees anyone wearing a jersey, he would ask to change into his. Not just the jersey, but he wants to wear the full kit.. shorts and even shoes. Luckily he had a couple of sets to change into, but we had to buy him a new pair of sports shoes cause he doesn't fit into his old Nikes'.One day he woke up and insisted that he change into his football jersey for school. He even had his WC ball with him.
Even on our morning jogs on the weekend, he wanted to wear his football jersey. Btw, for all you ManU fans out there, you can get the kid's football kit (jersey, shorts and socks) for as low as GBP14.99 (50% off) from the official website right now!! So if you know someone living or visiting the UK right now, get them to get your son one.. hehe.. I'm thinking of getting Naufal the away (black and blue) kit.

Anyway, I have recently fulfilled another one of my three new year's resolution recently... Yes, you guessed it right, the new car is here!!! I ordered it on the first weekend after I return from the last offshore campaign in April and because I wanted a white one, I had to wait 2 months to it's arrival..

At first I wanted to get a CRV to which Norman was trying to convince me otherwise. After checking it out, I was not quite satisfied. Norman shifted my attention to the Accord, and after a test drive I was convinced. The funny thing is, the CRV and the Accord costs the same, but you get so much more comfort with the Accord.

Next, we hesitated on whether we want to pay so much for the number plate.. We had to do a little bit of homework to figure out how much we are willing to spend and where we would find a good deal. We ended up tendering for a number in Penang. It was just the number that we really cared for, the latest one with a KL registration number was on the brink of a 5 figure digit (money-wise) and any other state could go down by almost 50% less. I guess we were lucky, we checked to see if there are older numbers not registered, and there was one in Penang which we immediately took at less than 10% of the latest KL plate number.

When we found out that our car has arrived, we started surveying for accessories. We found out the store that the dealer would send new cars to install the free paddle lock, and went there to check out other accessories. We met a guy who was installing something to his new car. Norman was intrigued at the limited edition Honda Civic Type R..

Interesting interiors.. note the push start button in red under the driver's side aircon..
Norman wishing that it's his car!! Manufacturing stops in August 2010, so you still have time to own this limited edition baby...
Look it matches my handbag...

We got our car, the week after this.. and man, we were excited!!

First stop at the Honda dealer, to submit the car registration.
Then off to the tint store, we choose WINGARD Royale.
Next to the accesorries store to install our number plate, we paid extra to upgrade the plate.
Paddle locks installed for added security..

As a plus we also installed front and rear camera to assist in parking. (don't wanna scratch the car)...

With our car dealer, Ms Zizi.. at this point we are minutes away from walking away with our new car, Mr. Nakamura :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's cooking tonight?

When it comes to cooking I am so not the right person to talk to.. but tonight I am planning to try out a new simple recipe, so I shall share the recipe for now and the next post will have a picture of the end product.. (if it turns out right!! haha)

Recipe : Spaghetti Aglio Olio

1 portion of spaghetti – Cook according to instruction

Meanwhile… stir fry a few cloves of chopped garlic and 2 stalks of dried chillies with generous amount of olive oil. You can either break the chillies into flakes or leave it in huge chunks if you don’t fancy chewing into them.

Do not let the garlic brown. Add in the cooked spaghetti and flavour with salt, black pepper and herbs (optional).

If you have chicken stock, then the taste will be better. Otherwise, just use Maggi chicken cubes.

You can also add in portobello mushrooms and yellow capsicum plus parmesan cheese in the cooking process. Depending on what's in the fridge.. Don't forget shrimps and squid for seafood style or chicken strips for a little protein. The spaghetti will be a little moist but not soupy.

Let's see how well this recipe turns out tonight. I told you it is an easy recipe right? Give it a try..

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Wow.. it has been so long since I last updated this blog. Everyday I have (at the back of my mind) plans to update it and ideas of what I wanted to write about, but lately 24 hours in a day is just not enough for me to do all the things in my TO-DO list. Regardless my recent busy schedule I've decided to update it today.. atleast with what I'm thinking at this moment.

You cannot be in Malaysia right now and not talk about BADMINTON... Why badminton? Well, the Thomas Cup is what's going on...

Even Naufal is excited about it, it seems to him that everyone is also excited about "THOMAS" as he is.. everytime he heard the word "thomas" mentioned on the radio and TV news/game commentator, he would turn to me excitedly and said "dia kata thomas, ibu?"...

Naufal's idea of the THOMAS CUP

It was very satisfying watching the Thomas Cup quarter final match between Malaysia and Denmark last night. After an unexpected beatings with Japan the night before it is such a refreshing match to see the Malaysian team suddenly raising from defeat..

Malaysia beats Denmark 3-2
Lee Chong Wei (MAS) bt Peter Hoeg Gade (DEN) 21-17, 21-17
Jan Ø Jørgensen (DEN) bt Wong Choong Han (MAS) 22-20, 16-21, 21-18
Mohd Hafiz Hashim (MAS) bt Joachim Persson (DEN) 21-12, 21-10
Koo Kean Keat/Tan Boon Heong (MAS) bt Carsten Mogensen/Mathias Boe (DEN) 21-17, 21-19
Lars Paaske/Jonas Rasmussen (DEN) bt Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif/Hoon Thien How (MAS) 24-26, 21-12, 21-19

Good Luck with the next match with China!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day.. May Day...

Yes, May is approaching fast.. make sure you do your income tax declarations before time runs out. I just did mine yesterday at 5am, on my way out of the house to the airport for my regular day trip to Kuantan.. I'm quite surprised that my "cukai terlebih bayar" is almost equivalent to one month's basic salary!! Can't wait to get the cheque from LHDN. It would feel like getting a bonus :) I'm thinking of buying a new DSLR camera if I get it.. My dream camera is the NIKON D90.. I had a chance to play around with it while I was offshore a few weeks ago.. and I fell in love with it instantly... (I promise I'll do an entry on my offshore trip sometime soon)..
With 1st of May being the famous Labor Day, and a Saturday, my company has given us all Friday off (tomorrow) in lieu of the the public holiday on Saturday. Hooray!!!

HOMEDEC expo started today at the KL Convention Center but this year gonna give it a miss cause I've been going to too many home expos for the past 2 years. Instead I'm gonna stay home and paint our fence and gate.. Norman started it already on our side fence, but have stopped for some time (enough time to allow our next door neighbour to start and finish off all their fence and gate).. I hope the weather will be good tomorrow..

So the plan is to wake up and send Naufal to his playschool, jog afew rounds at the Kelana Jaya park, then come back home to paint the gate, stop by at mum's house for lunch, go to IKEA (buy a table for Naufal cause he loves drawing and coloring nowadays), to SSF (to buy flowers and other indoor decorations), stop by at the car dealer to drop of some documents and then pick up Naufal from playschool...
Big plans for a fine Friday, let's see how much will be accomplished... hahah

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quarantine No More..

What a great feeling :) Naufal is now back to his old cheeky ways and we are no longer under quarantine!! Just in time for a double birthday celebration :)

Other than Nora's birthday on the 20th, we also have another April baby in the family. My other sister Husna's birthday is on the 23rd. She drove all the way from Kerteh to enjoy the weekend with us.

So on Saturday we all drove to Equatorial Hotel in Bangi for some dim sum at the Golden Phoenix restaurant..
Norman and Naufal wearing a matching father and son Manchester United football jersey. Naufal is wearing the full kit, socks and all..

Norman, me, Aisyah and my mum.. waiting patiently for our lunch.. (we skipped breakfast for this big meal..)

Naufal and Sofea reunited again.. these two cousins greatly misses each other as they haven't met each other in almost 2 weeks..

Look at how excited Naufal is...

I really like this picture, reminds me of Beckam and Posh Spice in a candid shot by the papparazis... hahha

This orange juice is sour mummy... My brother and his family..

My parents with the two birthday girls.. Husna on the left and Nora on the right.

Me and my family.. the triple N's..

The meal was quite good (sorry no pictures of the food, everyone was too hungry and dug in as soon as anything was placed on the table), and the price is not bad too.. Although I'm much more familiar with the dim sum at Mandarine Oriental, which I would rate higher than this place.

Welcoming a new addition the family..

Early last month, my loving husband got a new job. However, the location of his new office has the worst parking system available. Not only is it difficult to get a parking spot, the charges to park your car is horrendously high. Traffic heading to and from his office is as bad as it gets, so he decided to ride a motorbike. He already has one that his brother is borrowing, so on the day before he starts his new job, his brother sent the bike back to him. It is an old bike from his single days and is prone to breakdowns.. so he decided to buy a new bike.

After much research, he decided on the model that he liked and he started to tender his number plate. The regular 2 digit number that he was aiming at is much much more expensive for a KL number plate in comparison to the Melaka registration number. He checked with his friends who are working with JPJ, and other states have also become expensive. So he decided to tender for he number below... the motorbike was just made available to us on Thursday. Naufal is also overjoyed at the new addition to our family. So I made sure that Norman gets a SIRIM approved toddler's helmet..
Just look at how excited he looks.. Me on the other hand is not a motorbike gal. Have limited experience on a bike (I think maybe 3 times only in my whole lifetime, if you ask me all bikes are the same), so I have no plans to get on a bike. Naufal's bike riding is also limited to the Subang Galaxy residential area only.Hold on tight.. keep your hands and feet in he vehicle at all time..
Bye ibu.. we'll be back in a jiffy :)

What is it with men and their machines? My husband refuses to let go of the old motorbike. Sentimental value he says.. what are we going to do with 2 motorbikes? Anybody want to rent a bike?? haha....

On the same day that Norman bought his scooter, I also bought a car. We'll talk more about that when the car is in our hands in June. For now, we are in the process of tendering for the number plate. My ideal 2 digit number costs more than 2 months graduate starting basic salary!! What a big NO-NO!!