Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcoming a new addition the family..

Early last month, my loving husband got a new job. However, the location of his new office has the worst parking system available. Not only is it difficult to get a parking spot, the charges to park your car is horrendously high. Traffic heading to and from his office is as bad as it gets, so he decided to ride a motorbike. He already has one that his brother is borrowing, so on the day before he starts his new job, his brother sent the bike back to him. It is an old bike from his single days and is prone to breakdowns.. so he decided to buy a new bike.

After much research, he decided on the model that he liked and he started to tender his number plate. The regular 2 digit number that he was aiming at is much much more expensive for a KL number plate in comparison to the Melaka registration number. He checked with his friends who are working with JPJ, and other states have also become expensive. So he decided to tender for he number below... the motorbike was just made available to us on Thursday. Naufal is also overjoyed at the new addition to our family. So I made sure that Norman gets a SIRIM approved toddler's helmet..
Just look at how excited he looks.. Me on the other hand is not a motorbike gal. Have limited experience on a bike (I think maybe 3 times only in my whole lifetime, if you ask me all bikes are the same), so I have no plans to get on a bike. Naufal's bike riding is also limited to the Subang Galaxy residential area only.Hold on tight.. keep your hands and feet in he vehicle at all time..
Bye ibu.. we'll be back in a jiffy :)

What is it with men and their machines? My husband refuses to let go of the old motorbike. Sentimental value he says.. what are we going to do with 2 motorbikes? Anybody want to rent a bike?? haha....

On the same day that Norman bought his scooter, I also bought a car. We'll talk more about that when the car is in our hands in June. For now, we are in the process of tendering for the number plate. My ideal 2 digit number costs more than 2 months graduate starting basic salary!! What a big NO-NO!!


  1. My husband pun sama mcm ur husband..syg sungguh kat his 1st motorbike...even dah dtg sini pun, tak nak jual motor tu & minta tolong my nephew tolong tengok2kan motor tu.

  2. As long as rumah I tak jadi garage motor dah la.. hehe

  3. alahai noris, naik motor ronda-ronda dgn cik abang sekali sekala romantik aperrr.. hehehe.. pastuh duk style saloma cm dlm cite p ramlee tuh.. hehe

  4. Hehe.. comel Aza..
    Tapi zaman ada anak sorang ni mana boleh tinggal cik comel. Last2 nak romantic ngan cik abang sayang jadi sessi bertiga jugak... haha

  5. hahaha.. naufal naik beskal jelah