Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ever since I could remember, my sister Nora has always been there whenever I needed a helping hand.. when Naufal was born she was initially awkward at even the thought of handling a baby, but within a few days of welcoming the baby home, I could see that she warmed up to the idea of it and had since fell in love with the little angel. So whenever I needed someone to take care of Naufal, Nora would definitely jump to the chance and never look back..

As you can imagine, she has been a great help to me in many ways. So for this year's birthday present I decided to get her a new handbag from my favourite brand... COACH!!

One of my friends in Houston is absolutely in love with shopping, so she offers to buy COACH handbags from the outlet and retail stores. Whenever there is a sale, she would snap pictures and ask her friends if they are interested to buy. So I decided to buy this bag for Nora. Before choosing which design is desired, I ask Nora to choose between a couple of designs that I liked best.. but our tastes are very different and she didn't like any of them.. so she looked at the COACH website and choose bags that she liked, the choice in color is much more subtle than what I am used to, but I guess these are the things that make us all different.. so from there I knew what her tastes were. I asked my friend to check it out in Houston and luckily it was on SALE.. I just knew it was meant to be.. I quickly placed an order, and in about 10 days the handbag arrived in my hands..

And Voila!!

May there be many more happy moments to live through together.

Sorry that we couldn't be there to celebrate your birthday as we are under quarantine, we'll see you this weekend instead. If you're wondering, your little nephew Naufal is getting better, he's definitely enjoying every minute with mummy, and to tell you the truth I'm really enjoying this "stay-at-home-mummy/wife" thing too. Very relaxing, and entertaining. Anyway, good thing your present is already at mama's place, so that you can have it to enjoy on your happy day today.

I'm so glad you love your new handbag :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Nora....glad to hear that u have such a wonderful sister.