Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love, Life and the World Cup....

OMG!!! I can't believe that it has been so long since I blog. It's kinda weird because at the back of my mind I draft what I plan to blog, but with all the things that has been happening the last few weeks, I just didn't get a chance to actually jot it all down on this blog.

Not wanting to summarize all the exciting moments of my recent life, I'm just gonna talk about what comes to mind naturally at this time.

Well, right now I am actually staying up to watch the World Cup!! It's Uruguay vs. Germany and it is the half time break with the score being 1-1... Oh what a nail-biting game. It's early Sunday morning and I still have the whole day to rest and relax before the finals tomorrow (I'm not sure how I'm gonna survive 8+ hours of work on Monday!!).. Part of the reason that prevents me from blogging this last month is the World Cup itself.. I would be at my mum's for dinner and we would stay there until the game is over. By midnight we would start heading home to rest for the night, and obviously there's nothing else you would want to do as you arrive home other than sleep.. hehe.. My neighbours, who we met at a gathering one of the weekends, actually asked us if we are still living in this house, cause they don't see us at all. The porch lights are only on after midnight, and by morning they have left before we are out of the house.

This is definitely the song of the moment.

Naufal is having fun too. He loves singing the chorus of this Wakka Wakka song :) Not only that, whenever he sees anyone wearing a jersey, he would ask to change into his. Not just the jersey, but he wants to wear the full kit.. shorts and even shoes. Luckily he had a couple of sets to change into, but we had to buy him a new pair of sports shoes cause he doesn't fit into his old Nikes'.One day he woke up and insisted that he change into his football jersey for school. He even had his WC ball with him.
Even on our morning jogs on the weekend, he wanted to wear his football jersey. Btw, for all you ManU fans out there, you can get the kid's football kit (jersey, shorts and socks) for as low as GBP14.99 (50% off) from the official website right now!! So if you know someone living or visiting the UK right now, get them to get your son one.. hehe.. I'm thinking of getting Naufal the away (black and blue) kit.

Anyway, I have recently fulfilled another one of my three new year's resolution recently... Yes, you guessed it right, the new car is here!!! I ordered it on the first weekend after I return from the last offshore campaign in April and because I wanted a white one, I had to wait 2 months to it's arrival..

At first I wanted to get a CRV to which Norman was trying to convince me otherwise. After checking it out, I was not quite satisfied. Norman shifted my attention to the Accord, and after a test drive I was convinced. The funny thing is, the CRV and the Accord costs the same, but you get so much more comfort with the Accord.

Next, we hesitated on whether we want to pay so much for the number plate.. We had to do a little bit of homework to figure out how much we are willing to spend and where we would find a good deal. We ended up tendering for a number in Penang. It was just the number that we really cared for, the latest one with a KL registration number was on the brink of a 5 figure digit (money-wise) and any other state could go down by almost 50% less. I guess we were lucky, we checked to see if there are older numbers not registered, and there was one in Penang which we immediately took at less than 10% of the latest KL plate number.

When we found out that our car has arrived, we started surveying for accessories. We found out the store that the dealer would send new cars to install the free paddle lock, and went there to check out other accessories. We met a guy who was installing something to his new car. Norman was intrigued at the limited edition Honda Civic Type R..

Interesting interiors.. note the push start button in red under the driver's side aircon..
Norman wishing that it's his car!! Manufacturing stops in August 2010, so you still have time to own this limited edition baby...
Look it matches my handbag...

We got our car, the week after this.. and man, we were excited!!

First stop at the Honda dealer, to submit the car registration.
Then off to the tint store, we choose WINGARD Royale.
Next to the accesorries store to install our number plate, we paid extra to upgrade the plate.
Paddle locks installed for added security..

As a plus we also installed front and rear camera to assist in parking. (don't wanna scratch the car)...

With our car dealer, Ms Zizi.. at this point we are minutes away from walking away with our new car, Mr. Nakamura :)