Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free ice-cream

My bos is feeling generous today, he just bought everyone a Cornetto ice-cream and has declared that the tomorrow is a half day :)

Long live Sir JBW!!
(bos I ni pun berangan nak dapat gelaran Datuk dari Queen of England, he's British, in return he calls me Lady Nor.. haha)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still in the office..

Can't wait for the holidays.. Next week I plan to stay away from this place.. And I don't plan to check my emails

Gonna get ready for 2010!! New year for new things :)
- new house
- new car
- new baby (target D.O.B 10.10.10)

Wish us luck...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lunch with a stranger

Miraculously my Tuesday morning meeting ended before 11 today (usually it would drag until almost 1pm).. So I went to the bank at lunch time today.. Yes you guessed it, to transfer RM3000 from Naufal’s savings account to his SSPN account so that I can claim my tax deduction next year… and by the time I am done, I was so hungry. But because I was alone, I didn’t feel like eating at the food court, so I called up my dear Norman to ask him to join me for lunch but he’s caught up with year end work-work-work that he couldn’t quite join me just yet.

So I decided to grab a quick lunch at Modesto’s asy Pizza.. the little stall just at the entrance of Cold Storage in KLCC (don’t know why but I kept thinking of a good slice of pizza since last night… cravings????) At first I was eating alone but then after afew bites a lady sat next to me, I saw that she was carrying her X-mas shopping presents so we started talking about kids. She was probably one of the expat’s wife, and after a while I realized that she was most likely either American or have lived in America.

She confessed that she was initially thinking of getting fast food, either Burger King/McD/KFC but the line was so long that she decided to get something quick (just like me). Then she started talking about how the whole fast food industry is pure evil!!! About how nobody really know about what they’re eating anymore.. the suffering of the commercialized animals… about how people now get cancer, and the source of it may be from all the chemicals that are added into our food… and how more and more people are taking anti-depressants because they are unhappy about themselves, how tired they often feel, how the look… etc.

At one point she was starting to ramble on and on.. but she realized that and soon stopped. She told me how in America some states are banning food with trans-fat because they claim that it is just as deadly as smoking. Now that was news to my ears…

Monday, December 14, 2009

Still not too late!!

It’s coming to the end of 2009, some people are taking advantage of the school holidays and taking time off to go on a holiday while others are busy finishing off their task and targets for 2009.

There’s afew other things that you can do before 31 Dec that could potentially reduce your income tax payment next year. There’s still about 3 weeks to go, so let’s get going:
· Buy books (deduction up to RM1000)
· Go for a medical check up (deduction up to RM500)
· SSPN for your kids (deduction up to RM3000)
· Zakat (no limit)
· Buy a personal computer (deduction up to RM3000, once in every 3 years)
There’s other small deductions too that you can check on your BE form submission.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mummy... I wanna read!!

Day after day, again and again, I am always amazed at the progress of my son's development. Ever since he went to the playschool I am beginning to see what a toddler is capable of. You would read and be told that a child's mind is like a sponge, the brain is developing and he is absorbing every small detail of the word around him. Regardless of what you think, it's never too early to teach a baby the alphabet, numbers, colors, animal etc..

We have been counting the steps with Naufal, so ever since he started crawling the steps he has been exposed to numbers. And so by one year old he could count 1-20 in English and Malay. Then I started singing the alphabet to him and showed him videos from Sesame Street that I found in youtube that increases his interest to sing along to the alphabet. By 18 months he was singing the whole alphabet and started recognizing simple characters (like X and O)..

In October this year, we started sending him to playschool cause his Tok and Tokki are going on their haj for 45 days. And after two weeks we noticed something remarkable. Once he was humming while he was playing with his cars and I couldn't quite catch what he was singing, but after listening closely to what he was repeating I realized that he was reciting verses from the holy Quran that I know I have not taught him. From then, I started testing him and sure enough he had memorized all the letters of the Arabic alphabet.

We've also noticed other small changes in him, for one he is more confident around his peers, and willingness to try new things.. his new interest: Books.

And I guess he's got the shopping gene from me too.. cause he also enjoys reading catalogs and leaflets that comes through the mail box.. especially those from Toys'R'Us..
Not quite his own library, but rather the books at Kinokuniya (KLCC).. Mummy felt like buying everything, but finally settled for 3 new books.
Naufal enjoying his Thomas and Friends 2010 Annual book, Sesame's Street Pop Up Book and another one with Elmo on the cover. The Disney book mummy bought a few weeks ago at SJMC during one of the follow-up sessions.. Naufal thinks Buzz Lightyear is Norman and mummy is Princess Jasmin :)
More books.. I think I will buy more as gifts for future birthday parties..
So many to choose from.. Felt like I could stay all day at these bookstores...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gen-2.Net Family Day

We went to the beach.. without a CAMERA!!! We have our camcorder with us but my husband was busy taking pictures of the cars.

Naufal saw the swimming pool and wants nothing to do with the activities that was organized by the club. So most of the time I was getting wet in the kiddy pool with him. It surprised me that he was brave to try out everything new. Often I had to chase him to stop him from entering the adult pool.

We got a T-shirt for the event and Norman bought one for Naufal but unfortunately is was an adult XS which Naufal would probably be able to wear when he's 7.. haha.. but when he saw that we were both wearing our shirts, he wanted to have his on too.. So we tried to fit the shirt on him without making it look like it was too big (which it is)... His hair is getting curlier now that it is long. Norman wouldn't cut it cause he says that it looks cuter like this..

2009 Annual Dinner

Oh NO!! I just realised that I have left my iPhone charger at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.. Just called them a moment ago to find out if they have cleaned my room and hope that they have found my charger!! Otherwise I will need to go straight to the Apple store when I get back and get a new charger.. huhu..

Anyway, that's what happens when there's just so many things happening that you are rushing from one place to another and when you finally have time to rest all you want to do is lay down and rest. The last week have been of no exception. After a busy week in the office with poor Naufal and daddy at home recovering for the pink eye (also known as conjunctivitis as my sister highlighted), the weekend begins with my Company's year end dinner. At first we had other plans of departing to Port Dickson that night for the Family Day that was scheduled for the weekend. We have even paid for the resort appartment which we are sharing with another couple. Plus I wasn't sure that I could bring in Naufal for the dinner because some other parents said they have asked the committee and the option was disappointedly rejected.

But in the past annual dinners, we have noticed one staff who always brings his daughter to join so my friends and I decided to bring our little toddlers along. So since there was no dinner plans at PD for the night, we decided to go to the dinner and just resume to PD either that same night or early the next morning. I had rushed to buy an outfit for the dinner the day before, so right after work I rushed home to pick up Naufal and Norman.

We arrived at the Westin Hotel just as everyone was getting food to eat. We didn't manage to register in time, so the door gifts were already distributed. The rumour was that the door gift was going to be an external hard-drive, so when the gift turns out to be an organizer with matching pen alot of people were a teeny-weeny disappointed. However, after a while everyone started to enjoy the latino music and the 10 Million Man-Hour celebration was on its way.

Ladies in blue.. me and Farzaana. She has such beautiful skin, I'm sure it's the envy of most ladies in the office.

Jaja, Iryan, Myra and Yazid

Naufal and his lollipop that Zuka's wife gave him.. he's enjoying the lobby more than the dinner hall. Dancing to the music while wearing one of the decorative hats at the entrance lobby.

More dancing... I couldn't get him in to the hall.

Me and Naufal enjoying a dance together, though I think he's checking out the other girls that night.. haha

At the dinner table..
Everyone was looking forward to the local band, Iryan was performing solo for one of the songs and in the audience Naufal was dancing with Alya.. they look so cute together.

Iryan singing "Hotel California"

Naufal and Alya swinging to the music..

Naufal... Too tired to move

It's getting hot in here!!

After a while, we begin to realize that the lucky draw prizes were not so appealing and Naufal was clearly too sleepy (it is way past his bedtime).. Awin and Faizal also decided to call it a night.. So with Naufal in our arms and Alya in their's, the six of us made our silent exit.

Anyway... Just got a call back from the hotel, they have found my charger.. yooohoo!! So now I have to drive back there to pick it up. Maybe I'll just have lunch at the hotel too since I'm there :) Blessing in disguise.. As you may have guessed I'm working outstation again at the Coating Yard in Kuantan, can't wait to get home tonight...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Back at work...

Was gone all last week and Monday of this week, but when I returned back there wasn't really that much that I have missed.. haha

Need to plan on the end of year break.. I still have 15 days of unused leave. I think I'll apply for the last week of the year so that I can move and settle down in the new house. The balance leave days can be forwarded to next year. At this time of the year all the expats will take leave anyway and progress will be low as everyone is in holiday mood..