Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Annual Dinner

Oh NO!! I just realised that I have left my iPhone charger at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.. Just called them a moment ago to find out if they have cleaned my room and hope that they have found my charger!! Otherwise I will need to go straight to the Apple store when I get back and get a new charger.. huhu..

Anyway, that's what happens when there's just so many things happening that you are rushing from one place to another and when you finally have time to rest all you want to do is lay down and rest. The last week have been of no exception. After a busy week in the office with poor Naufal and daddy at home recovering for the pink eye (also known as conjunctivitis as my sister highlighted), the weekend begins with my Company's year end dinner. At first we had other plans of departing to Port Dickson that night for the Family Day that was scheduled for the weekend. We have even paid for the resort appartment which we are sharing with another couple. Plus I wasn't sure that I could bring in Naufal for the dinner because some other parents said they have asked the committee and the option was disappointedly rejected.

But in the past annual dinners, we have noticed one staff who always brings his daughter to join so my friends and I decided to bring our little toddlers along. So since there was no dinner plans at PD for the night, we decided to go to the dinner and just resume to PD either that same night or early the next morning. I had rushed to buy an outfit for the dinner the day before, so right after work I rushed home to pick up Naufal and Norman.

We arrived at the Westin Hotel just as everyone was getting food to eat. We didn't manage to register in time, so the door gifts were already distributed. The rumour was that the door gift was going to be an external hard-drive, so when the gift turns out to be an organizer with matching pen alot of people were a teeny-weeny disappointed. However, after a while everyone started to enjoy the latino music and the 10 Million Man-Hour celebration was on its way.

Ladies in blue.. me and Farzaana. She has such beautiful skin, I'm sure it's the envy of most ladies in the office.

Jaja, Iryan, Myra and Yazid

Naufal and his lollipop that Zuka's wife gave him.. he's enjoying the lobby more than the dinner hall. Dancing to the music while wearing one of the decorative hats at the entrance lobby.

More dancing... I couldn't get him in to the hall.

Me and Naufal enjoying a dance together, though I think he's checking out the other girls that night.. haha

At the dinner table..
Everyone was looking forward to the local band, Iryan was performing solo for one of the songs and in the audience Naufal was dancing with Alya.. they look so cute together.

Iryan singing "Hotel California"

Naufal and Alya swinging to the music..

Naufal... Too tired to move

It's getting hot in here!!

After a while, we begin to realize that the lucky draw prizes were not so appealing and Naufal was clearly too sleepy (it is way past his bedtime).. Awin and Faizal also decided to call it a night.. So with Naufal in our arms and Alya in their's, the six of us made our silent exit.

Anyway... Just got a call back from the hotel, they have found my charger.. yooohoo!! So now I have to drive back there to pick it up. Maybe I'll just have lunch at the hotel too since I'm there :) Blessing in disguise.. As you may have guessed I'm working outstation again at the Coating Yard in Kuantan, can't wait to get home tonight...