Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lunch with a stranger

Miraculously my Tuesday morning meeting ended before 11 today (usually it would drag until almost 1pm).. So I went to the bank at lunch time today.. Yes you guessed it, to transfer RM3000 from Naufal’s savings account to his SSPN account so that I can claim my tax deduction next year… and by the time I am done, I was so hungry. But because I was alone, I didn’t feel like eating at the food court, so I called up my dear Norman to ask him to join me for lunch but he’s caught up with year end work-work-work that he couldn’t quite join me just yet.

So I decided to grab a quick lunch at Modesto’s asy Pizza.. the little stall just at the entrance of Cold Storage in KLCC (don’t know why but I kept thinking of a good slice of pizza since last night… cravings????) At first I was eating alone but then after afew bites a lady sat next to me, I saw that she was carrying her X-mas shopping presents so we started talking about kids. She was probably one of the expat’s wife, and after a while I realized that she was most likely either American or have lived in America.

She confessed that she was initially thinking of getting fast food, either Burger King/McD/KFC but the line was so long that she decided to get something quick (just like me). Then she started talking about how the whole fast food industry is pure evil!!! About how nobody really know about what they’re eating anymore.. the suffering of the commercialized animals… about how people now get cancer, and the source of it may be from all the chemicals that are added into our food… and how more and more people are taking anti-depressants because they are unhappy about themselves, how tired they often feel, how the look… etc.

At one point she was starting to ramble on and on.. but she realized that and soon stopped. She told me how in America some states are banning food with trans-fat because they claim that it is just as deadly as smoking. Now that was news to my ears…


  1. oh begitu rupanya effect from fatfood ni.. so azam tahun baru 2010 taknak beli fatfood unless org belanja.. jgn harapla duit dari poket ini kuar utk beli fatfood.. azam tahun baru.. harap2 berkekal lama azam ini huhuhu

  2. Jimat gak kalau tak makan fastfood kan..