Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gen-2.Net Family Day

We went to the beach.. without a CAMERA!!! We have our camcorder with us but my husband was busy taking pictures of the cars.

Naufal saw the swimming pool and wants nothing to do with the activities that was organized by the club. So most of the time I was getting wet in the kiddy pool with him. It surprised me that he was brave to try out everything new. Often I had to chase him to stop him from entering the adult pool.

We got a T-shirt for the event and Norman bought one for Naufal but unfortunately is was an adult XS which Naufal would probably be able to wear when he's 7.. haha.. but when he saw that we were both wearing our shirts, he wanted to have his on too.. So we tried to fit the shirt on him without making it look like it was too big (which it is)... His hair is getting curlier now that it is long. Norman wouldn't cut it cause he says that it looks cuter like this..

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