Monday, March 22, 2010

Get well soon my baby..

Last Friday afternoon, his kindergarten called to tell me that Naufal's temperature has increased to 38degC. Luckily it was WHPH and I was already on my way home early. However, knowing that Norman is closer I called him to pick up Naufal and take him to the clinic. It's just the common flu but since it is rare for Naufal to get sick, we really had to be careful.
He was getting better in Saturday and by Sunday he was back to being the regular Naufal.
Then comes Monday morning and he woke up complaining of a tummy ache at 5am. His whole body was boiling hot!! He wanted to go to the toilet so I decided to give him a shower to cool down. Later we gave him his antibiotics and tried to feed him breakfast but he was too sleepy. So we decided to take him to the children's clinic but it was still too early. While waiting we stopped over at Tok & Tokki's house. At first Naufal was sleeping in the car, but he soon woke up when he realized that he was at his granny's.
Once inside he had his favourite breakfast, hash brown and orange juice. Afterwards he willingly took the rest of his afrermeal medicine and was soon back to sleep. His temperature has gone down so we decided to let him sleep. Drugged and drowsy...

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Friday, March 19, 2010

How much would you pay for a number plate?

For the new car that we are planning to purchase, I was planning to have a matching 2 digit number plate like my husband's car. However, I found out that for the 2 digit number on a Wilayah Persekutuan car plate, the number I want is about worth RM5000++... it didn't cost that much in other states... we'll have to check out Selangor next..

And guess what, a second hand special plate number is worth more than a newly registered number, particularly in KL... why???

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Naufal's first bleeding nose

At about 4 am this morning, Naufal was crying for milk. Due to my non-existence milk supply, I had to wake up to make a fresh batch of milk for him. However before I left the bedroom, I noticed that there were dark stains on Naufal’s face and top. As I turn on the lights, I realized that Naufal’s nose is bleeding. Blood smudges covered his nose and cheeks and his sleeves are covered in blood. This is the first time that this had happened.

I woke Norman up and showed him Naufal, who at the moment is still clueless of what had happened to him. His eyes were still shut, and he is still in sleeping mode. At first we thought that Naufal’s body was hot but when we touched his forehead his temperature is just ambient. Other than the bleeding nose, he is normal. I took a baby wipe and started to dab the blood away. Hoping that it would stop, but even after wiping the blood stains from his cheeks, the bleeding has not superceeded. Not knowing what to do we woke Naufal up and gave him a quick shower. At the same time Norman went to make fresh batch of milk and took out Naufal’s diapers and pajamas out from his bedroom wardrobe. Blood was dripping on the bedroom floor as we rushed to get Naufal to the toilet. The bleeding stopped while he was in the shower.

Later we got Naufal dressed, and within minutes he was slurping his warm milk and started snoozing again. While everyone was getting back to sleep I couldn’t resist but to read up on bleeding nose in toddlers. So I grabbed my iPhone and went online to read up on the topic. Off course, the site that came to mind is, which has been my main source of reference from pregnancy to birth and subsequently child care.

The first paragraph was very assuring as they stated that “Nosebleeds are very common and are rarely a cause for concern.” Here are more learnings from the site that could help both me and you if your child suddenly have a nose bleed.

Nose bleeds could be cause by colds, allergies, and sinus infections; low humidity; and trauma (like nose picking, a foreign object in the nose, or being hit in the nose).
As Naufal is not having a cold or anything like that, I am assuming that it is the low humidity in the room. As it is so hot nowadays, it is common to turn on the air conditioner here and there. I usually wake up and turn the air con off cause I don’t like it when it is too cold. The air is so dry when the air con is turned on for long periods, so much that you would get a dry mouth when you wake up in the morning, and it is noticeable that your skin feels tight and dry such that you need to apply lotions to moisten the skin.

Anyway here is the recommended way to stop a nose bleed:

Seat your baby in your lap and lean him forward slightly. Using a tissue or a clean, soft washcloth, gently pinch the soft part of his nose shut. Apply gentle, constant pressure for a full ten minutes. (Resist the temptation to peek earlier to see if the bleeding has stopped.)During this time, you might distract your baby by singing to him, looking at a book together, or watching a video (depending on his age).
After ten minutes, release the pressure and see if the bleeding has stopped. If it hasn't, pinch your baby's nose closed for another ten minutes. (If your baby seems distressed when you close his nostrils, you can try plugging just the side that's bleeding, if his nose is only bleeding from one side.) You can also apply a cold compress to the bridge of his nose. If that doesn't do the trick, give your baby's doctor a call.Two important tips:• Don't tilt your baby's head back or let him lie down. Either would allow the blood to run down his throat, which tastes bad and could make him vomit.• Don't pack his nose with cotton during or after a nosebleed. Bleeding can start right back up again when you remove the cotton and disrupt any clots that have formed.

How can I prevent nosebleeds?
If the air in your home is dry, use a humidifier in your baby's room at night. Discourage your baby from putting anything in his nose, and if he has a habit of putting his fingers in his nose, keep his fingernails trimmed so he's less likely to injure the lining of his nose.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coffee Goal Zero

It is with sadness and great lament that I announce the infringement of the “Coffee Goal Zero” campaign.

The incident took place just moments before midnight on 5th March 2010 in Kimanis Bay, Sabah when a meeting was held to discuss the “Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment” (also known as HIRA) of the beach pull operation for the shore approach of the oil export pipeline. The IP (injured person, name to remain discreet but off course since I am the only person participating you can only guess that it is me) relented to a cup of coffee which happens to be the only thing served on site.

Upon further analysis, it is concluded that the IP had no other source of hydration and the IP had to make a choice of coffee or temporary unconciousness due to extreme sleep-deprived condition. The IP made the right decision in order to maintain conciousness and shall be rewarded accordingly.

Unfortunately it is made known that since the incident, the IP is finding it hard to resist to coffee and has been succumbed to coffee temptations ever since. The IP shall report to “Coffee Addiction” sessions daily to once again resist coffee and subsequently continue to participate in the “Coffee Goal Zero” campaign.

Lessons learn: Avoid late night meetings!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Could it be true?

I was at the Company preferred clinic this morning to do my offshore medical check up and I could swear that the measuring stick was incorrect. It seems that I have shrunk, I am no longer as tall as I thought I was.. which resulted in a higher BMI than I had anticipated.

So before I get my own measuring aparatus out I decided to google whether it is true that we actually get shorter as we age.. and I stumbled upon this article. Reading through it just made me realise that I should start taking care of my bones more seriously nowadays. I should start drinking high calcium drinks, otherwise I may shrink to Naufal's height.

Why Do You Get Shorter with Age?
Published August 13, 2009 by:

Have you had your height measured recently? You may never have been supermodel tall, but if it's been a while, you may be surprised to find that you're a little shorter than you used to be. Don't blame it on the measuring stick. Chances are that height loss is real. What causes height loss with age and is there anything you can do about it?

Loss of height with age is a normal phenomenon that can rear its ugly head as early as age thirty. It affects both men and women, with women showing a slightly greater loss of height over the years than men. Getting shorter with age was initially thought to be due to shrinkage of the discs separating each vertebrae, but a study showed the actual cause is compression of the bony vertebrae themselves. How much height do most people lose? The majority of people sacrifice an average of 0.4 inches in height every ten years after the age of forty.

Unfortunately, there's little that can be done to control this type of age related height loss. A more serious reason for loss of height with age is osteoporosis. This is where the vertebrae actually break down due to bone loss. This can lead to bony deformities such as the hunched over appearance seen in older ladies as well as loss of height. Although osteoporosis is more commonly seen in women, it also affects men and some people believe this disease is under diagnosed in the male population.

How do you know whether you're experiencing normal height loss with age or osteoporosis? Osteoporosis can be a silent disease until the first fracture occurs. One way to identify a problem is to keep careful track of height. A height loss of two inches or more during adulthood is a warning sign of potential bone problems and should be followed up with a bone density study to check for osteoporosis. Height should be routinely checked at each doctor's visit and any changes noted from previous measurements. If there's a significant change or there are risk factors for osteoporosis, further evaluation may be needed.

Can hormone therapy such as use of estrogen in women prevent height loss with age? A study published in the journal Menopause showed that estrogen has little or no affect on prevention of age-related loss in height.

With the potential risks of hormone therapy becoming so apparent this is unlikely to be a safe solution for this problem anyway. The bottom line? Height loss with age is normal but too much loss in height is not. See your doctor regularly and make sure your height is checked at each visit and compared to the last measurement. Be sure to discuss with your doctor any risks for osteoporosis you may have including family history. Then, stand tall!

I feel like going for a bone density check, I think my calcium "malnutrition" is probably due to the 2+ years of breastfeeding Naufal. I guess I need to change my diet too. My calcium intake needs to be in the range of 1000mg per day.

Dairy foods are very high in calcium, see the values given in the following table.
Food Calcium, serving size, mg of Calcium per serving.

Dairy Products
Skim Milk, 1 cup, 301
Whole Milk, 1 cup, 290
Plain Low fat Yogurt, 1 cup, 415
Cow Milk Cottage Cheese (Paneer), 1 cup, 208
Baffalo Milk Cottage Cheese (Paneer), 1 cup, 480
Calcium in Beans & Grains
White beans, 3/4 cup, 120
Navy beans, 3/4 cup, 94
Black Turtle beans, 3/4 cup, 75
Chickpeas (Chhole), 3/4 cup, 58
Tofu, 150g, 350
Soy bean curd slab, 150g, 310
Cooked Soy bean, 1 cup, 130
Instant oats, 1 pkt, 165
Calcium in Nuts
Almonds roasted, 1/4 cup, 93
Almonds butter, 2 Tbsp, 88
Sesame seeds, 1/4 cup, 50
Calcium in Vegetables & Fruits
Cabbage/bok choy, 1/2 cup, 190
Turnip greens, 1/2 cup, 104
Broccoli, 1/2 cup, 33
Okra, 1/2 cup, 65
Orange, 1/2 cup, 52
Orange juice fortified with calcium, 1/2 cup, 165

Following is a list of foods that give you more than 300 mg of Calcium per 100 gm of that food.
Milk and milk products, Cereals and Grains, Vegetables (Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of calcium), Spices and Fish

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just My Luck!!

I just realized that the one and only training that I will be attending this year is the week after Raya in Miri!!

That means that I will have to return back to KL on the 4th of Syawal itself so that I could fly to Miri the very next day :(

My in-laws are not going to be happy..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Annoying new officemate.. (venting session)

Recently there has been a slight re-org in my company. Like many companies that are trying to adjust to the recession, things change for the better in the interests of the company. We went through a transition exercise and subsequently there are changes to the organization globally. For my office, the change is quite minimal and although some things are different on paper everyone is still working on the same thing. Along with this change, some people are relocated and as a result we are seeing new faces on our floor.

On most occasions I am happy to greet a new officemate, but this one guy is starting to get on my nerve. Every time I am in the same elevator with him, usually as I am heading to breakfast or lunch, he would ask me when I am planning to treat (belanja) him. I mean literally EVERYTIME!!! Regardless of how many other people are in the elevator too.. I really don’t understand it, what makes you think I even want to have a meal with you?? You are obviously years a head of me, why should I be treating you to lunch!!??!! We’re NOT in the same team, we’re NOT even friends!!

As I was going to breakfast today, again he was in the elevator with me and another guy. He asked me if I would treat him, so I just said that I am broke (mid-month crisis). Then he started asking about what my husband does, where he works, what’s his name, bla bla bla… I don’t understand it, why are you interviewing me?? Off course, all my answers were a one liner, some were even one syllable indicating “I do not want to talk to you”. Despite claiming that I am broke, in order to escape from him I had to buy breakfast at San Fran (as I realized that he was going to the food court). I wish my husband is around to have breakfast with me again, like we used to when he worked nearby.

Later he came to my desk to continue his interrogation, as if I don’t look busy enough (I have a presentation to make before lunch which I am only made aware of 1.5 hours before). Leave me alone!!!

I think I need to wear a BIGGER ring!! But then again, he should know that I am already happily married. I have pictures of my happy family hanging on my workspace. BIG A4 size!! Hard to miss!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Make Room for the King" Sale

Here is a picture of the sofa-bed that we are selling.. the color is dark brown though. Regular price RM1099 (at Macy), selling for RM399.
It was delivered to us 3 months ago, and has been staying in the downstairs guest room ever since.. Never been kissed.. hehe

Transportation not included (outside Subang Galaxy)

Monday, March 1, 2010

When it's hard to say NO (Part 2)

Can you believe it.. MACY is holding a mattress SALE where you can get a mattress and matching bedframe for RM10 and they are giving away a 4D/3N hotel accomodation to a 4 star hotel in either Bali/Phuket!!
I sooooooo need a vacation..
The offer is further enhanced where in facebook, an announcement is made such that you can trade in your old mattress and get a RM500 further reduction on your purchases.
The problem is:
1) I just bought a spanking brand new bed and an 11-inch queen size mattress a few months ago..
2) Even the mattress in the spare bedroom is spanking new, and has only been used twice in the past 2 months by our overnight guests..
3) All the rooms in our house has a bed (and mattress) already, eventhough the room downstairs only has a sofa-bed...
(is that ALL really a problem?)
BUT Norman and I both agree that we NEED a King size bed.. so we're gonna get rid of something, anybody want to buy a sofa-bed? It has never been used before.. bidding starts at RM399 (bought at Macy and delivered to our house late December 2009, usual price RM1099) .. anyone?? I'll even throw in free delivery (limited to Subang Galaxy residents.. hahha)

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