Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Annoying new officemate.. (venting session)

Recently there has been a slight re-org in my company. Like many companies that are trying to adjust to the recession, things change for the better in the interests of the company. We went through a transition exercise and subsequently there are changes to the organization globally. For my office, the change is quite minimal and although some things are different on paper everyone is still working on the same thing. Along with this change, some people are relocated and as a result we are seeing new faces on our floor.

On most occasions I am happy to greet a new officemate, but this one guy is starting to get on my nerve. Every time I am in the same elevator with him, usually as I am heading to breakfast or lunch, he would ask me when I am planning to treat (belanja) him. I mean literally EVERYTIME!!! Regardless of how many other people are in the elevator too.. I really don’t understand it, what makes you think I even want to have a meal with you?? You are obviously years a head of me, why should I be treating you to lunch!!??!! We’re NOT in the same team, we’re NOT even friends!!

As I was going to breakfast today, again he was in the elevator with me and another guy. He asked me if I would treat him, so I just said that I am broke (mid-month crisis). Then he started asking about what my husband does, where he works, what’s his name, bla bla bla… I don’t understand it, why are you interviewing me?? Off course, all my answers were a one liner, some were even one syllable indicating “I do not want to talk to you”. Despite claiming that I am broke, in order to escape from him I had to buy breakfast at San Fran (as I realized that he was going to the food court). I wish my husband is around to have breakfast with me again, like we used to when he worked nearby.

Later he came to my desk to continue his interrogation, as if I don’t look busy enough (I have a presentation to make before lunch which I am only made aware of 1.5 hours before). Leave me alone!!!

I think I need to wear a BIGGER ring!! But then again, he should know that I am already happily married. I have pictures of my happy family hanging on my workspace. BIG A4 size!! Hard to miss!!

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