Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coffee Goal Zero

It is with sadness and great lament that I announce the infringement of the “Coffee Goal Zero” campaign.

The incident took place just moments before midnight on 5th March 2010 in Kimanis Bay, Sabah when a meeting was held to discuss the “Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment” (also known as HIRA) of the beach pull operation for the shore approach of the oil export pipeline. The IP (injured person, name to remain discreet but off course since I am the only person participating you can only guess that it is me) relented to a cup of coffee which happens to be the only thing served on site.

Upon further analysis, it is concluded that the IP had no other source of hydration and the IP had to make a choice of coffee or temporary unconciousness due to extreme sleep-deprived condition. The IP made the right decision in order to maintain conciousness and shall be rewarded accordingly.

Unfortunately it is made known that since the incident, the IP is finding it hard to resist to coffee and has been succumbed to coffee temptations ever since. The IP shall report to “Coffee Addiction” sessions daily to once again resist coffee and subsequently continue to participate in the “Coffee Goal Zero” campaign.

Lessons learn: Avoid late night meetings!!!


  1. Okay so coffee goal zero failed, how about making a new target - going to the gym???? Jom jom!

  2. I'm starting to join the aerobics classes again, and if I have a buddy maybe we could jog at the klcc park afterwards.. Are you in?