Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Naufal's first bleeding nose

At about 4 am this morning, Naufal was crying for milk. Due to my non-existence milk supply, I had to wake up to make a fresh batch of milk for him. However before I left the bedroom, I noticed that there were dark stains on Naufal’s face and top. As I turn on the lights, I realized that Naufal’s nose is bleeding. Blood smudges covered his nose and cheeks and his sleeves are covered in blood. This is the first time that this had happened.

I woke Norman up and showed him Naufal, who at the moment is still clueless of what had happened to him. His eyes were still shut, and he is still in sleeping mode. At first we thought that Naufal’s body was hot but when we touched his forehead his temperature is just ambient. Other than the bleeding nose, he is normal. I took a baby wipe and started to dab the blood away. Hoping that it would stop, but even after wiping the blood stains from his cheeks, the bleeding has not superceeded. Not knowing what to do we woke Naufal up and gave him a quick shower. At the same time Norman went to make fresh batch of milk and took out Naufal’s diapers and pajamas out from his bedroom wardrobe. Blood was dripping on the bedroom floor as we rushed to get Naufal to the toilet. The bleeding stopped while he was in the shower.

Later we got Naufal dressed, and within minutes he was slurping his warm milk and started snoozing again. While everyone was getting back to sleep I couldn’t resist but to read up on bleeding nose in toddlers. So I grabbed my iPhone and went online to read up on the topic. Off course, the site that came to mind is, which has been my main source of reference from pregnancy to birth and subsequently child care.

The first paragraph was very assuring as they stated that “Nosebleeds are very common and are rarely a cause for concern.” Here are more learnings from the site that could help both me and you if your child suddenly have a nose bleed.

Nose bleeds could be cause by colds, allergies, and sinus infections; low humidity; and trauma (like nose picking, a foreign object in the nose, or being hit in the nose).
As Naufal is not having a cold or anything like that, I am assuming that it is the low humidity in the room. As it is so hot nowadays, it is common to turn on the air conditioner here and there. I usually wake up and turn the air con off cause I don’t like it when it is too cold. The air is so dry when the air con is turned on for long periods, so much that you would get a dry mouth when you wake up in the morning, and it is noticeable that your skin feels tight and dry such that you need to apply lotions to moisten the skin.

Anyway here is the recommended way to stop a nose bleed:

Seat your baby in your lap and lean him forward slightly. Using a tissue or a clean, soft washcloth, gently pinch the soft part of his nose shut. Apply gentle, constant pressure for a full ten minutes. (Resist the temptation to peek earlier to see if the bleeding has stopped.)During this time, you might distract your baby by singing to him, looking at a book together, or watching a video (depending on his age).
After ten minutes, release the pressure and see if the bleeding has stopped. If it hasn't, pinch your baby's nose closed for another ten minutes. (If your baby seems distressed when you close his nostrils, you can try plugging just the side that's bleeding, if his nose is only bleeding from one side.) You can also apply a cold compress to the bridge of his nose. If that doesn't do the trick, give your baby's doctor a call.Two important tips:• Don't tilt your baby's head back or let him lie down. Either would allow the blood to run down his throat, which tastes bad and could make him vomit.• Don't pack his nose with cotton during or after a nosebleed. Bleeding can start right back up again when you remove the cotton and disrupt any clots that have formed.

How can I prevent nosebleeds?
If the air in your home is dry, use a humidifier in your baby's room at night. Discourage your baby from putting anything in his nose, and if he has a habit of putting his fingers in his nose, keep his fingernails trimmed so he's less likely to injure the lining of his nose.

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