Monday, March 1, 2010

When it's hard to say NO (Part 2)

Can you believe it.. MACY is holding a mattress SALE where you can get a mattress and matching bedframe for RM10 and they are giving away a 4D/3N hotel accomodation to a 4 star hotel in either Bali/Phuket!!
I sooooooo need a vacation..
The offer is further enhanced where in facebook, an announcement is made such that you can trade in your old mattress and get a RM500 further reduction on your purchases.
The problem is:
1) I just bought a spanking brand new bed and an 11-inch queen size mattress a few months ago..
2) Even the mattress in the spare bedroom is spanking new, and has only been used twice in the past 2 months by our overnight guests..
3) All the rooms in our house has a bed (and mattress) already, eventhough the room downstairs only has a sofa-bed...
(is that ALL really a problem?)
BUT Norman and I both agree that we NEED a King size bed.. so we're gonna get rid of something, anybody want to buy a sofa-bed? It has never been used before.. bidding starts at RM399 (bought at Macy and delivered to our house late December 2009, usual price RM1099) .. anyone?? I'll even throw in free delivery (limited to Subang Galaxy residents.. hahha)

-Posters curtosy of Macy


  1. wah.. label as shoppaholic ni.. hihi its hard to say NO... again.. :p

  2. Haha.. tuh la, this weekend kita prgi Macy ya??
    Nak try jual sofa bed dulu..

  3. sell it to me! whats the color kak nor is? send the photo to my email btw its me nasrul your cousin :P using abang khairil's account

  4. whoa..sound too good to be true!

  5. Nasrul, it is brown in color.. I'll post a picture of it here..
    Suria, isn't it crazy!!