Monday, March 22, 2010

Get well soon my baby..

Last Friday afternoon, his kindergarten called to tell me that Naufal's temperature has increased to 38degC. Luckily it was WHPH and I was already on my way home early. However, knowing that Norman is closer I called him to pick up Naufal and take him to the clinic. It's just the common flu but since it is rare for Naufal to get sick, we really had to be careful.
He was getting better in Saturday and by Sunday he was back to being the regular Naufal.
Then comes Monday morning and he woke up complaining of a tummy ache at 5am. His whole body was boiling hot!! He wanted to go to the toilet so I decided to give him a shower to cool down. Later we gave him his antibiotics and tried to feed him breakfast but he was too sleepy. So we decided to take him to the children's clinic but it was still too early. While waiting we stopped over at Tok & Tokki's house. At first Naufal was sleeping in the car, but he soon woke up when he realized that he was at his granny's.
Once inside he had his favourite breakfast, hash brown and orange juice. Afterwards he willingly took the rest of his afrermeal medicine and was soon back to sleep. His temperature has gone down so we decided to let him sleep. Drugged and drowsy...

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  1. Thanks Suria..

    After Naufal woke up his temperature was still high and we took him to the clinic. He was referred to the hospital to see a specialist. He was warded in the evening.

    He's recovering now.. Alhamdullillah.. we are still at the hospital, hopefully we can be discharged today

  2. Thanks Antz..
    I'm hoping we can be discharged today..