Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mummy... I wanna read!!

Day after day, again and again, I am always amazed at the progress of my son's development. Ever since he went to the playschool I am beginning to see what a toddler is capable of. You would read and be told that a child's mind is like a sponge, the brain is developing and he is absorbing every small detail of the word around him. Regardless of what you think, it's never too early to teach a baby the alphabet, numbers, colors, animal etc..

We have been counting the steps with Naufal, so ever since he started crawling the steps he has been exposed to numbers. And so by one year old he could count 1-20 in English and Malay. Then I started singing the alphabet to him and showed him videos from Sesame Street that I found in youtube that increases his interest to sing along to the alphabet. By 18 months he was singing the whole alphabet and started recognizing simple characters (like X and O)..

In October this year, we started sending him to playschool cause his Tok and Tokki are going on their haj for 45 days. And after two weeks we noticed something remarkable. Once he was humming while he was playing with his cars and I couldn't quite catch what he was singing, but after listening closely to what he was repeating I realized that he was reciting verses from the holy Quran that I know I have not taught him. From then, I started testing him and sure enough he had memorized all the letters of the Arabic alphabet.

We've also noticed other small changes in him, for one he is more confident around his peers, and willingness to try new things.. his new interest: Books.

And I guess he's got the shopping gene from me too.. cause he also enjoys reading catalogs and leaflets that comes through the mail box.. especially those from Toys'R'Us..
Not quite his own library, but rather the books at Kinokuniya (KLCC).. Mummy felt like buying everything, but finally settled for 3 new books.
Naufal enjoying his Thomas and Friends 2010 Annual book, Sesame's Street Pop Up Book and another one with Elmo on the cover. The Disney book mummy bought a few weeks ago at SJMC during one of the follow-up sessions.. Naufal thinks Buzz Lightyear is Norman and mummy is Princess Jasmin :)
More books.. I think I will buy more as gifts for future birthday parties..
So many to choose from.. Felt like I could stay all day at these bookstores...

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