Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I could get used to this

As this week I am a stay at home mum, I wanted to do all the things that I haven't had the time to do on a weekend. One of it is to wake up early for no particular reason (usually if it is a weekend we would only wake up early if there is an early appointment). Today I wanted to make a special breakfast, and even top it off with dessert. Since yesterday was Aunty Nora's birthday, Naufal had mentioned cake a couple of times that he wanted to have some cake. Since we can't leave the house, the only way to get cake is bake it!!

So I woke up early to bake a cake.. all the ingredients are readily available, so it didn't take long to get started. My initial plan was to bake the cake for Norman to bring to work but as Norman is leaving early to beat the morning traffic and there's so way to speed up the baking process, I had to bring myself back to reality and keep some for dinner's dessert.

The oven haven't been used in along time. So I decided to bake two cakes, one of which I would send to my mother's house (via Mr. Norman)..

By the time Naufal woke up the cakes are ready and just cooling out of the oven on the cooling rack. He could smell the bakery-like smell arising from the kitchen.
He's overjoyed that he will be getting a breakfast dessert today. Lemon cake..
I pretended that it was HIS birthday and sang him a birthday song.. I guess he's expecting presents too..
No candles but he's still excited..
Nyum.. nyum.. let's eat ibu!!

Staying home with Naufal is much much more fun now that he's recovering.. After breakfast he would help me with the laundry (well most of what he folds need to be refolded), a quick shower then he would watch Play House Disney while I would sweep/vacuum the floor and prepare a little lunch for the both of us. After the meal and his medicine, I would read a book with him and he would fall asleep for his after lunch nap (maybe due to drowsiness from the cough syrup). This would give me some time to go online or clean up the rest of the house and prepare dinner.

It is really rewarding cause I would get hugs and kisses whenever he's feeling happy.. I could really get used to this :)


  1. hehehee...jarang masak ek..time I kat m'sia dulu pun sama..dlm sebulan adalah 4-5 kali berasap dapur tu.tapi bila mai sni,sgtla rajin kat dapur..terpaksakan, mana ada kedai yg jual masakan cara org kita & benda yg tak pernah terpikir boleh buat kat m'sia dulu, alhamdulillah menjadi jugak...kadang2 pelik bila pikirkan. pernah kat m'sia dulu cuba buat kuih seri muka & tak jadi. bila cuba buat time kat sini, rasa mcm tak percaya je..bila kuih tu menjdi dgn cantiknya (dr pandangan mata sendiri lain punya mata tak sure)

  2. Tuh la, skrg ni jarang nak masak sbb asyik gi makan kat rumah mak je.. hehe
    Masa kitorang duduk overseas pun macam tu jugak, semua yg teringin boleh masak. Nak roti canai/murtabak pun buat sendiri.. my mum siap berniaga lagi jual macam2 masa duduk kat UK dulu..
    Masa I jadi student kat US dulu pun sama, budak lelaki pun hebat memasak.. hehe

  3. masak selalu pun problem jugak.. cepat je perut laki kita jadi boroi.. just like in my case.. hehe.. anyway, smoga naufal bertambah sihat dan ceria ya..

  4. Aza, Betul betul betul.. hehe.. silap2 perut si isteri pun makin naik.. kan?

    Su, cake best.. lain kali kalau you datang singgah i buat lagi :)

  5. ahahhah! ya betuuull! susah nak diet kalau selalu kena masak nih.. sebab gerenti masakan tu ikut taste kita.. dah gitu.. dari tak nak makan.. mesti rasa nak makan jugak. sama-samala jadi gemss..haha

  6. Tuh la.. nak simpan, lain kali dah tak segar.. nak buang, rugi pulak.. masuk je la dalam tangki perut pemasak ni...