Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quarantine No More..

What a great feeling :) Naufal is now back to his old cheeky ways and we are no longer under quarantine!! Just in time for a double birthday celebration :)

Other than Nora's birthday on the 20th, we also have another April baby in the family. My other sister Husna's birthday is on the 23rd. She drove all the way from Kerteh to enjoy the weekend with us.

So on Saturday we all drove to Equatorial Hotel in Bangi for some dim sum at the Golden Phoenix restaurant..
Norman and Naufal wearing a matching father and son Manchester United football jersey. Naufal is wearing the full kit, socks and all..

Norman, me, Aisyah and my mum.. waiting patiently for our lunch.. (we skipped breakfast for this big meal..)

Naufal and Sofea reunited again.. these two cousins greatly misses each other as they haven't met each other in almost 2 weeks..

Look at how excited Naufal is...

I really like this picture, reminds me of Beckam and Posh Spice in a candid shot by the papparazis... hahha

This orange juice is sour mummy... My brother and his family..

My parents with the two birthday girls.. Husna on the left and Nora on the right.

Me and my family.. the triple N's..

The meal was quite good (sorry no pictures of the food, everyone was too hungry and dug in as soon as anything was placed on the table), and the price is not bad too.. Although I'm much more familiar with the dim sum at Mandarine Oriental, which I would rate higher than this place.

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