Friday, November 12, 2010

No Pain No Gain..

I just ran 5.4km and burned 141 calories in 20 minutes... and man, am I exhausted!!! Oh I am so not ready for a marathon..
Every Tuesday and Thursdays I make it a plan to join the aerobic classes that are being organized in our office gym. It used to be sponsored by the company which came out from the "Healthy Lifestyle" budget. But since the new organization was created, there were not budget to cover this activity any longer, hence a bunch of the regulars decided to chip in to pay for it ourselves. The instructor also helped by lowering his rates, so we continued to exercise twice a week... and it was paying off. Alot of people noticed the slimmer me, and I am so happy that I could fit into my old clothes again.

Then came ramadhan and the muslims stopped going, my absence continued through the whole of Syawal and even the month after that... My old eating habits are starting to appear and I fear that soon I will loose this waist-line.. I'll go again next week, I promise (that is, if I don't have to go to site)..

Before when Norman worked nearby, we would go jogging at the KLCC park after work. That was so much fun.. but now that he moved to another office, I couldn't find another consistent running partner, so I just quit..

Last month, I had an idea to buy my husband a birthday present... one that I hope I will also benefit from as much as he does.. so I bought him a Reebok Crosstrainer.

I guess we all have our excuses for the lack of exercise. Long working hours, lots of travelling, too busy with dealing with family, can't resist good food etc... I hope that having a machine at home will help us get a little exercise on a regular basis. Even if it means a 15 minit workout, it does make a difference.. The guy who sold it to me reminded me before we left the store that the important thing is not just to own a machine, but to make sure it is used. Need to be consistent and motivated.. I hope my husband and I will continue to motivate each other to use this machine. No pain no gain!! Hopefully we could start the day with some exercise before getting ready for work.. a little effort, goes a long way :)

Even little Naufal is getting excited.. he thinks it's a toy!! I have to make sure he won't get hurt.. So both Norman and I have a target.. hopefully the transformation will be obvious, insyaAllah..

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