Thursday, November 11, 2010

MEGAMIND.. and a boy's beautiful mind...

It has been afew months since we last went to the movies, so last weekend (before the whole chicken pox series bagan), we decided to go out to the movies. It was the long weekend and my sister came home from Kerteh, and for once our whole family is around. Megamind is playing at the Cathay Cineplex at the Curve, for once we wanted to see the 3D version.

I must say even the adults were excited.. We had no idea what the movie is about but it was the only cartoon playing..
Here's Naufal and his aunts after the movie!!

I must say, watching in 3D is so much fun.. The movie? well it was great!!! Highly recommended, even Naufal liked it. He was laughing all the time, even when no body else was laughing he was laughing out loud, which subsequently made us laugh at him..

I think he got giddy from all the sugar on the popcorn.. in the last 30 minits he started taking his 3D glasses off, and playing about with it. Overall, I think he behaved well.. he's really enjoying these rare treats to the movies. This is his second one after Toy Story 3, I was reluctant to take him before that for fear that he would be restless in the theatre and start bawling his eyes out and stuff.. infact, to be honest Norman and I have not been to the movies much since he was born..

Afterwards we strolled along the street market that connects the Cineplex with The Curve. Once inside we stopped by a couple of stores, then we stopped by at Borders.Naufal loves books, be it coloring books, story books, activity books, you name it...

And his favourites are surely the books about his favourite characters.. Lightning McQueen (Cars), Thomas and His Friends and anything to do with either trains and cars...
Look at him concentrating on the pictures.. He can recognize letters and its phonics already, both in Roman alphabet and arabic letters. It's really remarkable how fast he learns, he's only just 3 years and 3 months. I think I only started recognizing the alphabet after 5 years old.. maybe I'm slow.

We bought two books for him.. that night he wouldn't stop making us read it to him repeatedly until he falls asleep...


  1. noris,masa tgk Megamind i said to hadi 'kan best kalau 3D' mmg rasa i'd be great in 3D..unfortunately sini takde :(

  2. Maybe next time you're in KL you can see something good in 3D.. it's really alot of fun :)

  3. alalalala.. nak tengok jugaakk.. haishh.. sume dah pi tgk nih.. jeles jeles.. ingat this wknd bolela pergi.. awin kena pergi kl la plaakk..

  4. Aza.. kalau ada kelapangan pergi la tengok. Cerita dia funny, seronok!!