Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting into the spirit of things

Look at this cheeky little face.. can’t decide whether I want to cut his hair or leave it long and curly…

naufal's toys are always scattered all over the house, in the car and also at his grannies'.. when I was looking in my handbag today I found his Thomas train in there too. So I put it on my desk, and even my boss was interested with the toy. I guess boys will always be boys!!

Anyway, as of hearing the announcement on TV yesterday, it is official that today we will begin the fasting month. Time has changed many things, and now Naufal is big enough to play by himself. So Norman and I decided to pray solat sunat Tarawih together at home. Last year my sisters would look after him if I go to the mosque to pray but now that we are living in different house we need to manage the changes.

When it comes to food, I have to prepare the cooking myself again. So I cooked a little bit more for dinner last night and when it is time for sahur I just heated up what was earlier prepared. Tonight I am planning to make bubur kacang hijau for dessert, but I still can’t decide what will be the main dish.. will have to look at recipes online to see what is interesting.

Was planning to get to work earlier so that I can get a full 8 hours and still leave early, but I still ended up leaving the doors at 7am. Have to try getting ready faster tomorrow and beat that traffic. Another change that I plan to make is to wear baju kurung everyday throughout this month… haha.. the pants and slacks will get a rest in the wardrobe for a while. I still remember when the world cup started and me and Norman both went to work wearing our football jerseys, then when we arrive at work we realised that we were the only ones in each of our offices who was wearing a jersey. Talk about getting into the spirit of things.. good thing it was casual Friday..


  1. the hair - potong je lah. nanti dia panjang balik
    the toys - it's true.. toys are everywhere.
    the food - dah duduk rumah sendiri terpaksa la masak sendiri ye
    the baju kurung - u'll look pretty and gorgeous

    salam Ramadhan

  2. Aza,
    Ayah dia tak bagi potong rambut.. so kita biar dulu la...
    Nasib baik bulan puasa ni ramai yg pemurah... seronok makan ramai2, lagi2 bila free :)

    Selamat beramal..