Friday, February 12, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE weekends (who doesn’t?).. but I’m having jitters at every thought of this weekend. Getting nervous with every second that passes, as this will be the weekend that I have the in-laws over.

Not just the parents in-law and Mr. Husband’s siblings, but the whole extended family.. the aunts, the uncles, the cousins, with their kids (if any).. AND it will be the first time that I’m cooking for them!!

As they are coming for tea (which may extend to dinner), I’ve done my homework by hunting the internet for recipes and getting them QA/QC’d by my super-chef mother and sister. In fact, I am even contemplating on kidnapping my sister in these desperate times!!

Yesterday, on our way to the supermarket to buy the food for this weekend, my mother-in-law called. I think she knows that I am worried about the incoming of hungry relatives, and she was reassuring me that she will be there to help me “bersilat dalam dapur” when the need arises. Talking to my mum, she was adamant to make sure that I don’t resemble a COOKING DUMMY too.. I am so glad that I have the moral support.

Today, before my immediate in-laws arrive, I’m going over to my mum’s to prepare the Cucur Badak and jelly trifle. Will have to shove it all in the fridge when I get to my house until it is ready for consumption tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I plan to make chicken curry, which they can eat with Roti Pharatta for breakfast. I also plan to start cooking bubur kacang hijau (for tea later).

For lunch we will all be going to one of the cousin’s wedding (which is why the whole extended family is here).. and the family gathering at my house will be afterwards… tea and maybe dinner. If they stay for dinner I might just cook bihun, or order pizza!!!

Oh how I wish I know how to cook, and be confident that it will be delicious every time.

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