Monday, February 8, 2010

Going Green

Selangor state government declared that Saturday is the NO PLASTIC BAG DAY effective January 1, 2010. Retailers and shopping centres throughout the state were urged to reduce the use of plastic bags.
At first I was one of the many shoppers were caught unaware of the new declaration. In fact, I was frustrated at the cashier at Giant who wanted to charge me 20 cent for a plastic bag when I have a full trolley full of goods on our regular trip to the groceries on Saturday. Not wanting to spend so much on disposable plastic bags, I decided to cart the trolley to the car park and unload the items into my car boot.

Later, I am constantly reminded that I should carry a plastic bag to do my groceries. Looks like I need to buy a bigger handbag that could fit all the other bags that I need to carry to buy my groceries.. hahha

However, being the forgetful little missy that I am, I completely forgot to bring our shopping bags last Saturday and was once again caught out at the cashier. This time I was buying baking utensils. So there I was with my mixing bowl, measuring cup, weighing balance, flour sifter, baking tray and a karipap mould (Naufal insisted that I buy, although I have never made my own karipap, but I guess now I have to make an effort to learn cause Naufal loves karipap).. and again the cashier would ask, do you want to buy a plastic bag? I said NO, and this time Naufal’s stroller became the next victim.

Back at home, Saturday once again became a historical day, as it was the first day that I finally installed the oven racks and started baking :) To mark the occasion, I invited my parents and siblings over for dinner, where I cooked IKEA's meatballs, with potato, carrots and maccaroni and cheese (Naufal's latest favourite) and a chocolate cake.

That night I was also informed that our neighbour is hosting a get-to-know the neighbours housewarming, so when my parents left at about 10pm.. my husband insisted that we walk over and say hi..

Anyway, when we again went out on Sunday, I made sure I had all our bags in the car in case we needed to go to the store to buy anything... and guess what, when we did go to the supermarket later that night, we were again bagless at the cashier counter because we drove in my car (and not my husband's car which had the grocery bags!!!)

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