Friday, February 19, 2010

Current thoughts

This week has been breezy, everything seems light and easy. For one, the traffic back and forth to work has been absolutely fantastic. My travelling time has been slashed down to half.
The office itself is so quiet and the email input has been kept low.

Not only is this week a 3 day week, Friday is also pay day and work hard play hard (WHPH) day. This means that we get to take the afternoon off to do whatever we want.. for me, it usually means shopping (Friday is usually the start of some sale in KLCC), or just going home and enjoy the free time. Today, Norman and I are planning to go to IKEA and Houz Depot. There's still some things to buy for the house, so I hope we would get most of what we need in time to pick up Naufal from kindergarten later today.

Other than HR screwing up my payslip (last month's and this month's), I am so looking forward to BONUS next month... I feel like going on a holiday, I mean a real holiday where I am a tourist!! I'm thinking of going to Hong Kong or the Gold Coast, I want to take Naufal to Hong Kong Disneyland or Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia. Will have to discuss with Mr. Husband first, must look at the schedule and all too.. Anybody been there before? What's your review?


  1. I will be going to GC for a week in April...have done my research and all...there's more to the region than just the theme parks. I can forward you my rough itinerary if you're interested. :)

  2. Amalia... bestnya, who are you going with? If you've done all your homework just send me your plans, maybe I could pick and choose..
    How long will you be going there?