Monday, February 15, 2010

For the love of books..

Naufal just simply LOVES books.. eventhough he can't quite read by himself, he's already recognizing the letters of the alphabets. When we read together he would point out letters that he knows.. sometimes when we go on long distance trips the best thing to keep him in his seat is the good old jolly book..Sometimes he would read out loud, well make up what he thinks the storyline should be..
Often he would sing some song that associates to the things he would see on the page.. which is often the theme song of the cartoon.. or something that resembles that.. hehe
To encourage his love for books, I would occasionally buy him a new book once in a while, depending on what cartoon he likes at the time.

So when I saw a contest that would give us a chance to win a book, I just couldn't resists it..
The winner will be selected randomly ( so the higher the number of entries you have, the better the chance of you winning.

To take part in this give-away, complete the following items:

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Grand prize : Maisy's Home & Garden Pop-up & Play Book
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So what are you waiting for? Get those entries in QUICK!
Dateline : 3rd March 2010

It's that easy.. let's all give it a try !!

Nowadays, other than pop-up books, and books with musical buttons to press, Naufal is also enjoying write and wipe books.. I guess with this new development, I will have to hide the crayons when he is done.. otherwise the walls will be in jeopardy!!

It's so much fun, it's like a new adventure for him.. and everytime we are done reading together he would surely have a smile on his face :)


  1. wow naufal memang nampak macam big boy in the above picture:)

  2. Hehe.. tuh la, often people are surprised when I tell them that he is 2.5 years old.