Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Things On My List

I was tagged by Monina...

5 things I’m thankful at…
1. God for giving me a chance to live this wonderful life.
2. Having a great husband who understands me in and out
3. Great parents (and parent in-laws) who has been very supportive and loving
4. Contact Lense, my vision would be blurry without it (I have a childhood memory on this.. I hate wearing glasses)
5. The sunny weather in this blessed country – having spent most of my childhood and teenage years in seasonal countries where most of the year is freezing cold, I am really thankful for the warm weather, it gives me a happy pink glow :)

5 things I regretted about…
They say we shouldn’t have regrets in life…but I can’t help it to have a few, such as…
1. Not making an effort to learn how to cook from my mum. Now that I am a mum myself, I always have to refer to a recipe book before I start cooking, where as my younger sister is a SUPERCHEF..
2. I also regret never making the effort to learn to sew.. I love fabric (especially beautiful silk batiks from Terengganu), and I am willing to pay generously for them, but tailoring costs just as much as the material!!! I feel cheated!!!
3. Not keeping in touch with my primary school friends when we moved to UK. I really missed them, but being so far away I didn’t call or write (no email at the time). We finally got back in touch through friendster, but with each of us leading our own separate lives we have never met yet since 1990.
4. Not buying any CORELLE dinnerware and COACH handbags while I was living in US.
5. And my number 5 regret, is saying yes to that senior guy in college in my first year. I was getting over someone else, and am definitely not ready to get into another relationship. I knew he had high expectations, and I broke his heart and he hates me forever.. and I am sorry, really. I’m not a heartbreaker in real life.. (I must’ve been temporarily insane at the time)

5 Alive Celebrities I wanted to meet….
1. The whole Grey’s Anatomy cast (can that be count as one person?)
2. Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom
3. Suri Cruise (she’s so cute)
4. Jessica Alba
5. Beyonce Knowles

5 Places I wanted to go…
1. I want to go to Houston (or London), and spend 4+ years as an expat!! I have been daydreaming about this for so long…
2. Dubai.. or Egypt.. wait, I want to go on my umrah/haji first!!
3. South Africa (for the World Cup!!)
4. Outer space.. and I want to go for free like Dr. Syeikh Muszaphar Shukor.
5. And DisneyWorld!!! Just like Monina, I want to bring my family to DisneyWorld, spend the 4 days exploring each kingdoms like we did a few years ago!!

5 childhood memories
1. After our daily mengaji session at a nenek’s house on my street, this was when the Al-Ikhlas Mosque (also on my street) was being built, my sister and some of the other kids were collecting tadpoles at the playground next to the construction site. We just completely lost sense of time, and my mother must’ve been so worried. When we finally got home, she was so mad at us!!!
2. When I was in kindergarden, my teacher brought the whole class to the library and my friends and I was excitedly choosing our book. Before that we have booked our table and seats, but when we came back someone else was sitting there. So in frustration, I screamed for the other person to sit somewhere else.. As screaming in a library is forbidden, my teacher had sent me back to class alone. As I arrived, I sat there crying alone until I feel asleep.
3. Before pre-school, my sister and I would pretend that we are rock stars. So we would usually take turn standing on top of the double-decker bed (pretending that it was a stage), ad we would belt out any song that we could think of at the top of our lungs. I guess we did this quite often, if not everyday. Then a year later, I started going to kindergarden and my sister was left alone at home. Our concerts have stopped. Then one day, we were picking up the clean laundry from the hangers and our backstreet neighbour says that she really missed hearing our singing… We were really shy when we realised that someone else was able to hear us sing.
4. I used to remember how my friends and I was so head over heels over ‘New Kids On The Block’.. it was the first boy band that we loved!!
5. When I was in form 4, I discovered that I needed to wear glasses. So one day my dad bought me to the opticians and we bought a pair of glasses. They were huge, and I am sure it covered half of my face. So I only wore it when I am in my class, any other time I would take it off and clip it to the buttons of my baju kurung school uniform. One day, I went to the toilet and my glasses fell in the toilet hole (it was one of those squatting loos).. We had to get the janitor to fish it out. I wore contact lense ever since then….

5 people to continue the tag circle…
1. My ex-officemate, Antz
2. My officemate, Liz
3. My ex-classmate, Nang
4. My soon-to-be-a-bride friend, Shahida
5. Whoever readers who have time ok!


  1. 5 things I regretted about no.5.. ishk ishk ishk.. no worries la.. he's happily married now

  2. Aza, you tak tahu betapa tensionnya I semasa kat Minne dulu.. sebab peristiwa first year tu saja, dia tak nak bercakap ngan I bertahun2...

  3. Noris, the guy is Tom ek? apa ntah namanya.. dah lupa... kwn noris yg pernah noris bw blk mai KL dan jln2 kat sini tu, ek?

  4. No la.. mamat lain.. Tom tu dah masuk Islam, nama Islam dia Adam :)
    Yg senior ni orang Melayu... sejak sem 1 kat US tu dia tak cakap ngan Noris.