Monday, November 9, 2009

What's Cooking Good Looking?

Wasn't sure whether I'm up to it, but after being silent for so long I've decided to start blogging again :)

And why not? There's so many things to say, so many opinions to express, so many tips to share.. and let's not forget the gossips, the laughs, the announcements (particularly of sales and such) and so many more emotions all buckled up like a bubble just about ready to burst!!

Although I must say, the thing that really started the ball rolling was from a conversation we had over lunch last Friday about a dear friend, who happens to be a blogger who knows of a blogger who was friends with another blogger who was.. hmm.. how should I say it.. "interestingly insane".. then the topic moved on to bloggers who makes big bucks, and how that happened. So, we started thinking.. maybe it's not such a bad idea.. So voila! here it is, the birth of a new blog :) I call it "nick nacks with Noris" because the intent is for it to be enjoyed like a snack.. something quick and filling.. sweet, tangy, sour or spicy.. whichever fits the mood.. particularly at lunch time, yummy!!


  1. Yeay for the first post!! Got your blog address at last! Now go make money and subscribe for adds in Nuffnang...........

  2. hey noris..glad that u're sakan nampak?where are you guys staying?

  3. We just bought a new house at Subang Galaxy.. will be moving there after the renovation is over. For now we're still at Kelana Jaya :)