Monday, November 16, 2009

Unforgettable weeend and the day after...

The past weekend has been full of historical events, one of which I had to miss due to the other two events..

So to begin with, I'd like to congratulate Marcus and Lily for their wedding. May the love they share grow and multiply to last their whole lifetime. So sorry I couldn't join the merry celebration in Miri.

Instead I was sending off my parents to do their haj. It's been 21 years since the first time they both went on their haj back in 1988. My youngest sister was only 5 months at the time. That was also the time when my brother, younger sister and I all had our chicken pox. This time things are quite different, all my siblings are grown up and even the grandchildren are here to wave them goodbye.

As our house is a 5 minits drive from the Tabung Haji Kompleks, Norman drove my parents to the gathering ground. There was so many other groups of people sending off their loved ones too, and as you can imagine this opens a business opportunity to those enterpreuners out there selling many things from haj accessories to kids toys and balloons.

Very appropriate to the occasion, Naufal wanted an aeroplane shaped balloon. I think we need to go on a holiday soon, somewhere which involves a short plane ride preferably as he kept repeating that he wants to go in a plane. The fact that we see planes flying left and right every time we visit our new house also doesn't help. (Yes, the new house is close to the airport)..

Next, we went to the pediatrician's as Naufal has been coughing for the past week. It's getting worse because he nose is running it's own marathon and for the past few nights he would wake up and vomit phlegm. So the doctor gave him some antibiotics and medicine for the cough/sneeze and phlegm. Getting Naufal to take his medicine is turning into a "wrestling" challenge. When he was smaller it didn't seem so difficult but now he is putting up his own fight. We managed to cheat him into drinking one of the clear medicine by adding it into plain drinking water, but when we tried it on the dark coughing syrup he knew immediately what it was. So we had to force him to take it.. any tip from other parents out there on how to trick them into taking their medicine?

Then Sunday was Naufal's first concert. (click on the hyperlink to see the video). Being a two year old and a new member of the playschool, he is still uncomfortable at the thought of being away from his mother, in the presence of his mother. So as soon as he saw me in the audience, all he wanted to do is to cry for me so that I would pick him up.. hehe.. Usually he would be the loudest to sing but I guess he's a bit stage fright. On a brighter note, Naufal won a prize in his first ever lucky draw. And off course, mum and dad were the ones more excited about this.

And then since the teachers are working overtime on a Sunday, the playschool is closed today. So in return mummy is also out of the office for the day. I've washed two rounds of laundry, but then the rain poured its heart out. So I need to wait for it to stop before I put it out. Hope the sun will shine soon..


  1. welcome back dear! I've always love reading your writing. Of coz now with extra flavor with cute naufal around:). Try feeding him with spoon, my sister managed to do it with her kids (but we all buat ngan ashman tak jadik pun hehe...)

  2. Alhamdullilah lepas dah makan antibiotic ni Naufal dah sihat :) I dah pernah try feeding the medicine with a spoon.. but that failed too