Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Tired To Sleep...

You might be asking what am I doing still wide awake at 3.38am on a Friday morning!?!? I have no idea myself.. it's been a long day and I am absolutely knackered, I think I'm too tired to sleep. Now don't get me wrong, I have tried.. I was asleep a few hours ago but I just woke up cause my son was weeping for milk (mummy's fresh milk, but that's another topic I shall talk about next time).. and now I can't get back on the sleeping wagon!!

So what have I been up to that makes me super tired?? Well, if you've seen my post in facebook then you'll know that I took the day off to join the crowd at the Macy Warehouse Sale!! And what a sale it has been.. Me and my friend Liz was there from 10am to 6pm (the whole duration of the sale), and we're still thinking of going again. Initially I was thinking that I would be back after lunch and I could hang out with my mum or something, but with all the offers and bargains, it was closing time before we even know it.

As it is a home furnishing store, the sale was a warehouse clearance in order to make room for the new batch of goods. So things were practically given "free" with deals as good as 90% off the retail price. There were also auctions and what I was shocked was the fact that you could still bargain with the cashier to ask for more discounts when you were paying.. :)

The sale is suppose to be 4 days but better deals were made for those serious buyers who turns up on the first day, that's why we took the day off to take advantage of it!!

Being a new house owner, we have so many things to buy for the BIG move. Most of the items I have either bought or already ordered, but there are still some small things to buy to complete the house. So this time I bought (in chronological order) a sofa bed (70% off), 2 Queen size mattresses (one at 50% off and the other at 70%), pillow pads and mattress protectors (at 50% off), 7 cushions (at 50%).. had a short lunch then continued with.. curtains (mixed pattern and sizes, with discounts upto 90%), 15 cushion covers (over 80% off), a towel (50% off), 3 toilet mats (70% off), 4 pillows (50% off), vase (70% off), 10 placemats (60% 0ff), bean bag refills (almost free), flowers (40% off) and 4 packs of dish cloths (50% off)... We also made a little saving as the delivery is free (thanks to facebook).

Here's the sofa bed I bought, it was the one we saw in the leaflet. At the time Liz and I thought that it was the last two units so we bought one each and tried to get the cashier to rush cause here were other people who wanted to buy it too.. Later after lunch we noticed that there were many more just loaded out!!

Thanks to facebook, I managed to get free shipping. Here's the list of first 50 lucky people to get free shipping. Notice my name in the list (the one with the tick as I was the first one who started buying.. hahah)

This is the mattress I bought for the master bedroom, it's 11-inches thick.. we needed a thick mattress to fit in the bed frame..The other mattress I bought was 8-inch thick, that one would be for the guest room.

I went crazy on cushions.. I was undecided on getting one with a striking color or earth tones, cause we haven't quite agreed on the color theme of the living room. So I just went for these, just I also bought more cushion covers so that we can change it to match the curtains.

Notice the pillows and the boxes below it, I needed to get some strappy strong men to help me carry these into the car.. plus, it started raining by the time Liz bought the car to the crime scene, so we had to move them fast..

Taking a break.. good thing the Macy staff gave out drinking water too..

Once I got home at 7pm, I was so tired I went in to have a shower and relax first before getting my big and strong hubby hero to help me move the goods into the house (thanks Sayang..) Perhaps I wouldn't be buying so much if he was there with me, but we both know that everything was worth it..

There is a black and white arm chair that I also like but I don't think I have a place to put it in the new house..

If I do go again, I would like to get another vase and maybe more curtains (if I find something I like)..

And one more announcement for you parents out there, the Pureen Warehouse Sale will be held once again next weekend.. get your stock of baby goodies (I usually stock up on diapers and baby wipes).

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