Thursday, November 26, 2009

3 year anniversary..

Since Naufal's accident I have decided to stay at home and monitor him during the recovery.. Not only that I was feeling under the weather myself and Hari Raya Haji is coming up (I am planning to cook rendang.. haha.. yes, you read it right!!! This non-domesticated engineer is cooking... I have never done it before so I am putting 100% faith on internet recipes)..

Anyway.. today is our 3rd wedding anniversary. Time definitely flies when you're having fun, huh...? Naufal has definitely been a great part of that fun..
We both had the day off.. We took Naufal on the LRT for the first time, and man he was excited.

Later, we celebrated by going out to have dinner at Bora Asmara. It's definitely a nice romantic place to go.. and we also had a live musical group singing to us privately as we ate dinner (we were the only ones in the secluded air-con dining room at the time).

I pray that our marriage will last to celebrate many many more anniversaries.. Hope that we will still be together with many more happy days ahead all the way til the end.

To Norman, I'm sure you know I love you... for it is with this love that I have faith to spend the rest of my life with you..


  1. happy anniversary noris!glad naufal is okay :)

  2. Thanks Suria.. yeah, Naufal is ok now. We had a follow up check with the doctor this morning and there's no infection. I'm relieved :)