Monday, November 30, 2009

Smooth Like Cotton

My one and only sister-in-law has a store in Amcorp Mall that sells cotton from UK. Here is a sample of what she is selling.. The store is called "Eyana House of Cotton" on the 3rd floor. The website is

Although the store has been opened for a long time already, I haven't had a chance to step foot into it. But last week when I visited her at home, she showed me some of her cotton goods that she was about to send to her friend who was on her way back to her hometown for Raya Haji.

All this MOR stuff at work is forcing me to look at alternatives, I mean I've always wanted to venture into business but have not been adventurous enough to risk it. I hope that over the years I will be able to find a good idea that would bring in the dough without too much hard work.. maybe I can get Nora to work for me as the head chef in a restaurant/bakery.. she is really good at cooking... or maybe I can be Husna's bos in a pet store... Wait, why does it sound like I want to be everyone's boss??

If only money grows on trees.... haha

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