Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Naufal's accident at his playschool

Yesterday turns out to be quite a traumatic day for us.. Imagine getting a phone call from your son's playschool telling you that your one and only son had an accident and the clinic has referred him to a hand or plastic surgeon for stitches!! I felt that my heart had just skipped a beat..

The day began like any other day where we would drop Naufal off to playschool and rush to work in order to avoid the morning traffic. As I arrived at the office I noticed that the floor's air-conditioning was not working right, and so after a few hours of working in the heat and trying to survive what feels like the brink of a coughing spree I decided pack my laptop and work from home.

Before that Norman decided to pick up something from his previous company for his professional membership. So we were running around from KL to Bandar Damansara and back to KL before I am able to head home. So by the time I got home it was past 2pm.

My sisters were just leaving the house to get some lunch and do some grocery shopping. So I sat down and took my laptop out to start scouraging through my emails again. While waiting for my laptop to start up Norman called and asked me why I haven't been answering my phone. I thought that I might have missed some calls while I was driving but when I checked my phone there was no missed calls. Norman told me that the playschool headmaster called to tell us that Naufal had an accident and they took him to the clinics but it turns out that he needed stitches so they are on the way to the hospital. So I called the school up and talked to the teachers. I was so shocked and I know that I need to have someone else with me when I see Naufal, otherwise I might just panic when I see him. So I called my sisters and told them to meet me at the hospital. When we arrived, Naufal just sat on his teacher's lap in silence. His left tiny finger was wrapped but I could still see the blood. As he saw me, he immediately wanted to be hugged, so I took him in my arms while the teachers tried to explain what had happened..

Apparently Naufal was taken in the toilet, one hand was holding the teacher's hand while the other one was at the door. Then one of the other toddler pushes the door and it banged and trapped his little finger between the hinges. He didn't cry out but just said " nak ibu.." like he always does. Not realizing what had just happened, the teacher tugged him to move from the spot but he seems frozen to the spot. When she looked at him, she realized that his finger was stuck. So she rushed to open the door and immediately saw the blood on his nails and skin. They took him to the clinic. Upon further analysis, the doctor cleaned the wound and tried to stop the bleeding. However, due to the severity of the accident he had to refer his to the hospital.

At first we went to KJMC but their surgeons were all involved in other operations elsewhere and no one could commit to any time frame. So realizing that help is not within our grasps, I decided to take Naufal to his regular pediatrician at SJMC (now known as SDMC SJ). When we arrived we were set up to meet the plastic surgeon, but after he saw the wound he said that i would be best that a hand surgeon operated on the hand in order to better analyze the degree of the damage. So we were admitted, on the way to the ward we met the doctor who will be doing the operation at the lift and he said that the surgery is planned for 9pm because Naufal has to fast 6 hours from his last meal.
Naufal in my arms as we registered ourselves for admission for tonight's surgery.

Naufal's little finger wrapped to stop the bleeding.

Naufal in his surgery gown.

Keeping Naufal occupied and distracting him from food with his favourite cartoon Thomas the Tank Engine using youtube. Thank good for the speedy wifi at the ward.

That night, the surgery took place at 9pm as planned. Naufal was knocked unconscious by the anesthetic gas within afew minutes. This was the only time he cried because he had to be detached from me. After 30 minutes, his finger was stitched and the operation is over. As soon as we arrived at the ward, we gave him water to drink and he immediately asked for food. Although the nurses had advised us to avoid solid food for fear that he would vomit it out, we gave him KFC nuggets and fries which his uncle bought for him, and Naufal ate it with full appetite. And within afew minutes, he drank his milk and was snoozing away in his mummy's arms. He didn't vomit at all.. we had to wake him up to eat his medicine, but within minutes he slept again like a baby.

The next morning he woke up with a smile as if nothing had happened the night before.. We were discharged by noon and he is well into recovery.

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  1. such a brave kid. alhamdulilah everything went well.

  2. Alhamdullilah, he's getting better. Tapi dia buas sangat, the bandage keeps coming off so we have to get him to a clinic almost every day to change his dressing.. nasib baik takde infection..