Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Trip To Cameron Highlands

After weeks after weeks (or shall I say months after months) of getting the house ready and preparing for our historical move, it was relaxing to be away from the city scene and go to the quiet hill side. So I am more than grateful for this trip to Cameron Highland.

Like many things in life, this is my FIRST visit there. People have commented on how sometimes it can be very cold, but for this particular visit, the weather was disappointingly not cold. The mornings are misty, but it was still a shorts and t-shirt weather. It was only mildly cold...

So anyway, my parents and my youngest sister went on Friday, but due to work demands, Norman, myself, Naufal and my other sister Nora left on Saturday morning. We drove for a few hours and then exited the highway at Simpang Pulai. As we started the climb up, the fuel indicator started to blink and at first we thought that it would be a quick drive to the highlands like Genting, so we decided to brave it out. But after 15 minutes we realised that it was just trees and the winding road and so I decided to call my mum to ask if she knew when we could next see a petrol station. She told me that there would be almost 2 hours drive to reach the top and no mini town with petrol station in between. The fuel indicator kept blinking and we are confident that we would be stranded in the jungle should we decide to continue with the inevitable. So we made a turn and drove down the hill with the air conditioner turned off and with a conscious mind only to stop on the brake and not the accelerator.

20 minutes later we arrived at the petrol station, we celebrated by turning on the air conditioner as we sigh wih relief :) Once we had out pit stop and filled up, we continued with the trip.

Finally we arrived at the Equatorial Hotel, and it was just in time for lunch (a late 2pm lunch, but lunch nonetheless).. we were definitely hungry but greatly satisfied that we have arrived..
Norman playing fussball with Nora and Naufal..

After lunch we decided to take an evening stroll and start sight seeing in Cameron Highlands.
Aisyah with the beautiful blooming flowers. There are so many roses everywhere, and I thought of bringing them home with me. But who am I kidding, the roses will not bloom in the typical SG weather...
There was a Saturday night market in Brinchang, so we bought flowers, cactus, and vegetables and STRAWBERRIES!! Strawberry tea, strawberry jams, dried strawberries and fresh strawberries :)
The next day, we went to the tea plantation, bought more vegetable and fruits from the Rose valley and made a stop at Cactus World.

There are so many beautiful cactus plants, of many sizes and colors..
Norman just fell in love with them..At the tea plantation, Cameron Valley.

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