Saturday, January 16, 2010

Moving to SG (part 2)

Yesterday we had the curtains installed at noon. We also decided to hire a lorry to move all the things that we could not move in a car (such as the bed that I used while working in Miri, the boxes that was shipped from there, the wardrobes that we bought, the bookshelf, mirrors, TV dining table and many2 more). We ordered a 2 tonne lorry, but luckily a 3 tonne lorry arrived to pick up our goods as they had a bigger job after ours. We filled the lorry to the max.
Everything was filling the house quickly, and it will be a big job unpacking in the next few days (or weeks or months).

The chairs were custom made to match the marble table which was being recycled from my parents house (in order to make room for a bigger table which would fit us and their grandkids).
Naufal's toys which we will unpack into his room in hope that he will start sleeping there.

After the curtains were installed, we decided to go to buy carpets. During the last HomeDec Expo I had put a deposit for Naufal's wallpaper, but we decided not to install the wallpaper anymore since we have bought lots of stickers for him. Luckily the store also sells carpets and floorings. So we bought carpets for both the upstairs and downstairs living room as we are also entitled to get an extra 30% off. We love discounts!!
Looking at the carpets and thinking whether we need to buy more now or later..
Norman cleaned the floor and started placing the carpet where it is planned to be. Pushing aside the coffee table, the floor is ready for a major slouching. All we need for the living room is our TV (will be delivered Sunday) and our BlueRay DVD player (not sure when it will be delivered).


  1. nice and cozy..bestnya relax2 dekat ur living room!!

  2. Cantik rumah baru. Selamat berpindah. Penat tapi berbaloi.