Monday, January 25, 2010

Adjusting to family life.

Since moving out of my parents house, it has been quite a little struggle trying to adjust living without the luxury of my parents and siblings. For the past few years, life has been so easy. There’s hardly any rush getting to work cause our son is looked after by his grandparents, and we can get back from work whenever we want. Dinner is instantly ready, and whenever it is my turn to clean up (or do the cooking on rare occasions), there’s always someone who can temporarily babysit Naufal :)

When my parents went away for 44 days for their holy pilgrimage, we had to start sending Naufal to the playschool. This meant waking up an extra 30 minutes earlier to pack Naufal’s bag, leaving the house an extra 15 minutes earlier to send him there. And then coming back from work, we had to leave the office at exactly 5pm, in order to pick him up before 6 so that we will not have to pay late penalty which will be imposed at $6/per 30 minits. Then either my sister of I will start cooking dinner (that is if we didn’t eat out) and then taking turns again to clean the kitchen.

Now we’ve moved one more step closer to being completely independent. Yes, we have officially moved in to Subang Galaxy. That is since the Majlis Bacaan Yassin and doa selamat on 17 January 2010, in conjunction with Naufal’s 29th month birthday (separate entry with pictures will be posted later). We attempted to live independently last week, but we ended up spending 2 out of 5 nights sleeping over at Kelana Jaya cause we were too tired to go back home (and truthfully still too comfortable with the easy life). Honest be told, we still had dinner over there everyday before coming home. This week we plan to change.

One things for sure, in order for me to get the official 8 hours of work and leave at 5pm, I will need to leave the house at 7am (the latest). And in order for that to happen (without me sacrificing my sleep), I will need to get Naufal’s school bag and my daily attire ready and ironed at least the night before. Coming back from work I will have to be disciplined enough to fetch Naufal at his kindergarden (yes, he has upgraded from his playschool to join the 3+ kindergarden), and go straight home to Subang Galaxy. Then start cooking while watching over Naufal and his daddy. As cooking is still not in my expertise, I hope Naufal and his daddy will not be too fussy to taste my experimental recipes.. haha

This week will be an easy start as we will only be at work for 2 days before spending the rest of the week in Langkawi (to celebrate my birthday) and Penang for the weekend (to visit the in-laws).

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