Monday, January 18, 2010

Moving in to SG (Part 3)

After such a busy weekend, I am more than grateful for a MOVING DAY leave. So I decided to take Monday off to continue unpacking.

On Friday, after work, Norman, Naufal and I went to IKEA to buy toilet accessories, curtain railings and other tid bits. We took the full tour of the store without missing an aisle as we think about what we should buy and what could be put on-hold for now. The good thing is that IKEA was opened until 11pm on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

On Saturday we had a full day of unpacking and cleaning, and also finalizing the arrangements for our Majlis Bacaan Yaasin and Doa Selamat. It was a sudden decision to hold this event, hence the late invitation notice. We only confirmed the catering 36 hours prior to the event. Luckily we have reliable connections that could help us out. After a tiring day of mopping, vacuuming and etc, we also had to go out to send the house maps to our relatives. After dinner we went to buy groceries. Once again we were at the store while they were closing down for the day. When we arrived home, I started cooking while Naufal is asleep.

On Sunday we rearranged the furniture to make room for the guests to pray. Outside the workers started to install the grass that Norman just bought that morning. The installation of the grass was completed an hour before the first guest arrived. Inside, we were still busy unloading the boxes and cleaning. That night the ceremony started with maghrib prayers, doa, solat hajat, yaasin recitation, tahlil and isyak prayers.

Naufal in his jubah, ready for the ceremony.

Me and Naufal reciting the verses for the tahlil.
Waiting for isyak prayers.
Distributing the yaasin booklets. Reciting the doa of well wishes for the family and the security of the house.
Faizal concentrating in his prayers.
Azwin and Farzaana reciting the Yaasin.
Guests chatting.
More talks as families catches up on latest happenings.
Naufal (with Alya in the background).
Alya just woke up from her evening slumber.
My three nieces eating dinner.
Friends enjoying the nasi kerabu
Faiz on a giraffe scooter??
One of my aunts chatting away.


Welcoming my sister in-law to the house.

Our living room with the LCD TV that just arrived that afternoon.

Afterwards, we all had dinner and we took ours guests for a mini tour of the house.

Master bedroom walk-in closet

The secret door unveiled.

Our bed, still need to buy side tables.

Naufal's blue room without his bed.

The green room for guests.

Upstairs living room, still need to install the plasma TV.

Most of the things we bought have been carefully selected and purchased over the past 3 years, through mega sales, warehouse sale, home dec expos and such. I pointed out the things that are great buys from the many sales and bargainings, like our walk-in closet lighting that was bought at 75% off (from $1500++ down to $300++) and a mirror with solid wood carvings (from $1000++ to $450). People were surprised when we told them, as they would’ve been willing to pay atleast double of what we paid for them. Full credit to Norman for his super ability to bargain, bargain and bargain.

The event ended quite late , Naufal was still running around with our neighbour’s kids and we had to tear him away. Soon he was well asleep and we started to clean up. We were completely exhausted, and yet so happy as we rested our heads on our new bed in our new house on our first ever overnight stay in Subang Galaxy. We have now officially moved in!! (The housewarming party is planned sometime in Feb)

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