Friday, January 22, 2010

Going to Cameron Highlands

Will be going to Cameron Highlands tomorrow :)
Everyone is in shock when I told them that I have NEVER set foot in Cameron Highlands.. It's like living in Leeds but never going to Yorkshire Dales, or living in Minneapolis and never setting foot in Mall of America or living in London but never visit the Eiffel Tower!! (you get the idea).. it's only a few hours drive and yet I have never made an effort to go there, simply because I know that I can always go there whenever I feel like it..

So this weekend, since my parents and sistas have planned to go there, I decided to tag along and bring the whole clan with me (Norman and Naufal that is).. can't wait to breathe the cool air, I'm really missing the cold Minnesotan winters (though I can guarantee that Cameron Highlands is nothing in comparison to the freezing cold northern American winter).


  1. can't wait for your review of cameron highland. kodeng asik ajak but I rasa macam tak best je..hehe.

  2. naufal dah besar! he's in kindie? wow wee...time sure flies fast. Happy cooking dear;) It's alrite, you'll survive!

  3. Yup, Naufal is already almost 2 and a half years old.. and he is learning fast. It is amazing to hear him recite al-fatihah and doa makan...